$10 VS $1,000 WORKOUT ROOMS! *Budget Challenge*

We did a budget challenge to build our own gyms!
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Today, we did a budget challenge to make our own workout rooms in the house! We used the plinko board to determine what our budgets would be, whatever amount we each landed on, was the budget we got to make the gym! With the budget, you could get gym equipment, hydration supplies, food and protein, decorations.. whatever you need to make the most epic home gym!
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  • Honestly people with low budgets end up doing really good

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  • "Welcome to Buzz Lightyear's garage." -Justin 2020

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  • I don’t think they know that the lazy sit-up ring is actually a yoga ball holder in Justin’s gym lol 😂

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  • 0.12 “It’s not just Andrew and I we have hyper. Hyper: YEAH!

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    • 0:12 “It’s not just me and Andrew we have hyper. Hyper:YEAH!

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  • I'm a young teen and I find working out so fun

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$10 VS $1,000 WORKOUT ROOMS! *Budget Challenge*