$3.50 Fish Tacos Vs. $30 Fish Tacos

“These are borderline uncomfortably plump.”
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  • Am i crazy or do buzfeed videos have so many ads???? I had 4 before the video started!!!!

    Maggie Mae BurrageMaggie Mae Burrage4 saatler önce
  • Love how they just switched roles. Andrew is now the “ steven “ Steven is now the “ andrew “ And adam is still.....well adam

    Royston GohRoyston GohGün önce
  • wow...they are still doing this?

    Mr LimMr Lim2 gün önce
  • they use what? margarine ?

    Nimesis LNimesis L3 gün önce
  • 😂😂😂 *whispers* whats happening

    Jane DoeJane Doe4 gün önce
  • 6:47 when u see you're crush

    Yeetininthe 90’sYeetininthe 90’s7 gün önce
  • Tacos!!!!!!!

    Romeo JacksonRomeo Jackson8 gün önce
  • In Indonesia, you can get that whole fish with only 1-2 USD lolol

    Mario RichiMario Richi9 gün önce
  • i agrreeeeee to fish fried is better than chicken

    Top Senior GusionTop Senior Gusion9 gün önce
  • KFC disliked the video

    The RockerThe Rocker9 gün önce
  • Andrew is a non-cheers guy but Steven is a cheers guy so Andrew eats the food as fast as possible.

    Amanda LeAmanda Le12 gün önce
  • Fish tacos should cost no more than $3. I get the best fish tacos on the planet for $2. Also, Grilled > Fried.

    dLimboStickdLimboStick12 gün önce
  • 8:00 thats kida funny too me cuz in french stuff from the sea is litterally called fruits de mer, which means ocean fruit

    TheBestBananTheBestBanan12 gün önce
  • did adam just speak a whole fish taco fact

    Dominic ReyesDominic Reyes13 gün önce
  • do quesadillas

    Dominic ReyesDominic Reyes13 gün önce
  • in indonesia you can get a whole fish around 3$ to 5$

    nonik zetanonik zeta14 gün önce
  • Our taco sauce is in honor of a old Mexican recipe my aunt Connie Cruz showed me 20 years ago.

    moe mountainmoe mountain14 gün önce
  • i noticed that the last stops theyve been going to is expensive because of the amount of food and not expensive because of the boujeeness. i think that defeats the purpose of the price escalation, might as well buy alot of the tacos from the first place.

    Ameer BuxAmeer Bux14 gün önce
  • Subscribe to dubbygaming

    Dubby GamingDubby Gaming16 gün önce
  • 6:24 When your teacher tells a joke and you need a high grade.

    AlyAly16 gün önce
  • Hey 3:00 he’s right!

    IdcIdc17 gün önce
  • that octopus one looks hella good

    CurdleRangerCurdleRanger19 gün önce
  • This episode is so underated

    Audrey WangAudrey Wang19 gün önce
  • When Andrew said “it’s like ocean fruit”, I laughed because in French, seafood is “fruits de mer” which literally means ocean fruit (I’m from French Canada btw)

    Dominic BlairDominic Blair19 gün önce
  • margarine? ewww why not butter or olive oil or anything but margarine? Margarine is disgusting! Connie's Fish is covered with margarine.

  • Best intro yet

    Eric GregsonEric Gregson22 gün önce
  • 12:26 andrew: 😗

    Chloe ByteChloe Byte23 gün önce
  • Try gumbo

    Turd TinyTurd Tiny23 gün önce
  • In AUS, we eat 55 pounds of fish each year.

    Xavier GouldXavier Gould25 gün önce
  • Nice to see a yucatecan managing a sustainable restaurant.

    RushFrameRushFrame25 gün önce
  • Why not try NOT WORTH IT FOOD? viewer here from Ph.

    Frances FernandezFrances Fernandez26 gün önce
  • 30 bucks for a whole fish & all the other stuff is more than fair. Not really a expensive fish but just a very large potion.

    Cyborg1337Cyborg133726 gün önce
  • Sea fruit is actually literal translation of the French word 'fruit de mers' for sea food 😂

    purplz moonpurplz moon26 gün önce
  • Everyone seemed so happy in this episode ja feel me

    dgedge27 gün önce
  • First time viewing and guys I must say what a cute gay couple. And bravo on the TRvision success

    Chief Stryder45Chief Stryder4528 gün önce
  • 4:53 who is the other guy in the back of the car? Another camera guy?

    rachey003rachey00328 gün önce
  • $30.00 for a fish and spread like that???!😳 Wow

    V 33V 33Aylar önce
  • all the places you guys went too look amazing but...ur not mexican i know how to cook all this so i would be a hard critic LOL

    raul riosraul riosAylar önce
  • When andrew says "sketchy things happen at the beach", I got some serious pennywise vibes.

    Gopikrishnan GopikrishnanGopikrishnan GopikrishnanAylar önce
  • Annie is the best new thing for Worth it.

    Joseph ComeauJoseph ComeauAylar önce
  • Adrew went from not wanting to touch food with Steven, to eating Steven’s half eaten taco.

    Bea RBea RAylar önce
  • Ricky's!!!! Riverside Dr.!!!! My FAVORITE! Aside from Baja Ensenada lol

    EricaEricaAylar önce
  • The first stop to the taco truck was named Ricky's. I have a feeling that Ryan's demon is working as a Fish Scientist. Ricky's taco is Goldsworth of my wallet 😅😂. (If you get what I mean...) Have a lovely day 😊. 🌼🐱

    Dymia is MeDymia is MeAylar önce
  • The last one wasn't a taco. It was more around the fish and not the taco.

    Juan SegundoJuan SegundoAylar önce
  • Was this at Venice Beach?

    Vincent VolpeVincent VolpeAylar önce
  • I wanna know the title of that bosa nova music at the last part of the video... please reply want it so bad

    Mark Stephen S. BacolodMark Stephen S. BacolodAylar önce
  • I’m so glad that they had a lot of authentic Mexican representation in this video rather than going to white chefs who are “inspired” by my culture 🇲🇽

    hey it’s melhey it’s melAylar önce
  • buying your fish tacos FROM A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER

    omar chowdhuryomar chowdhuryAylar önce
  • andrew: we gotta up our fish consumptionglobal warming: nope.

    Мар’яна ТабурМар’яна ТабурAylar önce
  • An octopus uses its ink to defend itself from people who want to eat it........ Eating it in its own ink is the irony of the ocean

    Nithya AbhiramiNithya AbhiramiAylar önce
  • “Listen, fOlK” BIG MOOOOOOOOD

    DaehaniDaehaniAylar önce
  • I like Annie

    ThewidestmuleThewidestmuleAylar önce
  • Is it just me or do I feel triggered that they didn’t add in the lime to the taco lol

    Moon PhoenixMoon PhoenixAylar önce
  • I saw Hispanics as the cooks, I knew it was gonna be delicious. Y’all don’t even know the extent our food goes too. Proud to be Mexican lol

    Junior VillalbaJunior VillalbaAylar önce
    • AsianAngler it won’t be as authentic if it wasn’t made by a chef who was born and raised into the same culture the food originates from

      hey it’s melhey it’s melAylar önce
    • so if a cook is not hispanic,, the food wont be good that you saying?

      AsianAnglerAsianAnglerAylar önce
  • I was salivating the whole video

    Michelle CarrilloMichelle CarrilloAylar önce
  • Spot prawns are ace.

    Bryan OuelletBryan OuelletAylar önce
  • i don't like fish but i agree with andrew, it's better fried, much better than chicken.

    мира орсинимира орсиниAylar önce
  • Isn't it fried octopus basically calamari...? o.O Or maybe that's squid. ^^;

    Indigo WendigoIndigo WendigoAylar önce
  • "Oh that's good"

    Kim SeokjinKim SeokjinAylar önce
  • Lately I've been seeing Andrew looking at Steven with such warm eyes when they talk to the chefs ( for example 11:27). Eyes dont lie (unless your acting is that good...). Its like you can tell he really cherishes Steven as a friend, as he smiles more and acknowledges Steven for good humour (3:27). We all know he had an A+ character development, but I still went back to their first pizza clip and yeah he didnt look at his partners that much, and when he did, its seemed like the look that you would give to a stranger. He used to be there just for the food, but now he wants to taste the food as part of the crew. I'm no psychology major so this is just a personal point of view based on observations.

    Thao Uyen PhamThao Uyen PhamAylar önce
  • "I need about treefiddy."

    eXi1leeXi1leAylar önce
  • A Tako taco I literally can't even

    Victoria LeMasterVictoria LeMasterAylar önce
  • Pupusas next please

    Edgar ReyesEdgar ReyesAylar önce
  • "we cook it to medium well. This is a fish that is beautiful slightly undercooked" I think you might need to check your chef. He doesn't know what medium well means.

    AuraMasterAuraMasterAylar önce
    • Medium well IS slightly undercooked for fish that is not sushi grade. It isn't like beef. Sincerely, someone who worked as a sous chef in a high end restaurant for 8 years.

      Matt BMatt BAylar önce
  • Agreed. Fried fish >>> fried chicken. Fish and chips for life.

    AuraMasterAuraMasterAylar önce
  • "Beach please" Me: *sigh* always family friendly

    Nyxian_Wolfi3XNyxian_Wolfi3XAylar önce
  • Beach please

    XS_Fri3ghtXS_Fri3ghtAylar önce
  • I am person who dislikes fish a lot, but damn those tacos look delicious

    AdieHDAdieHDAylar önce
  • 0:35 " sketchy things happen at the beach " *guy skateboards behind*

    that untalented dudethat untalented dudeAylar önce
  • Ive lived in LA my whole life and yet I've never been to these places I really should go

    hnngghnnggAylar önce
$3.50 Fish Tacos Vs. $30 Fish Tacos