Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) - causes, symptoms & treatment

What is generalized anxiety disorder? Generalized anxiety disorder-sometimes shortened to GAD-is a condition characterized by excessive, persistent and unreasonable amounts of anxiety and worry regarding everyday things. Find more videos at
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  • I think I have anxiety going to see my doctor for testing does anyone here have anxiety and does your heart sometimes rapidly beat

    mrs D vapes 2 bfmvmrs D vapes 2 bfmv17 saatler önce
  • I wish I could go back to when I was stress free. School was fine for me, homework?, nothing. Going out in public? Easy! Presentations? I was okay. I feel trapped in my own mind, and I don’t even realize my “stress relief” habits. I just want to cry every moment, second, of the day. But- I’m scared. I don’t want to reach out for help because I’m scared. Scared = Stress which means it worsens. I’m having mostly all of the symptoms of depression and partly anxiety. And the thing is- I feel like there is nothing causing it. I feel that I’m just being a baby, and crying alone at home. I can’t help it, and try to do fun things to get it off my mind but that makes me stress *more*. *I wish I was normal.*

    lyric’zlyric’z22 saatler önce
  • Can this condition happen suddenly?

    Pherron HerronpPherron HerronpGün önce
  • I wish people would stop comparing us to others. Last week I posted a pic with a quote on fb and in my comments someone posted the video of the guy that has no legs or arms and typed "There's always someone who's struggling more than you". Dude really? Every mind is a world on it's own.I hate humans

    Lovely BishhLovely Bishh2 gün önce
  • i really need help

    DuffieDonaldsYTDuffieDonaldsYT2 gün önce
  • Watching this video make me anxious

    Radhika BhatiRadhika Bhati7 gün önce
  • HIT ME,when said they know its unreasonable but its out of control, I was diagnosed recently?And its just sinking in today that,Its so much of self work(on a day id least like it)

    Anishka VermaAnishka Verma7 gün önce
  • I have had GAD most of my life along with PTSD. It is overwhelming and most people just think you are overreacting. Sleep issues are major. If you know someone like this (me) be patient and just be kind. Most of us are good honest people but we are in a constant struggle. Don’t judge and educate yourself. Most of us are worth knowing.

    househeadericmdhouseheadericmd7 gün önce
  • i have a great group of friends, but whenever im away from them i feel like they are constantly planning to rule me out of my friend group and that they actually hate me but are just trying to be nice to me. But i think my anxiety was caused by earlier in my life when the exact same people bullied the living shit out of me, and now im very very close friends with them. But now im just constantly thinking about how ive never had real friends and how they dont actually give a shit about me and that i shouldnt be here. But they never take it seriously when i tell them, they just laugh and say, maybe we do hate you but why would that matter because we dont, we love u and can u just realize that, well thats what i hope they would say, they usually just leave me on read.

    John KavookjianJohn Kavookjian8 gün önce
  • Ah yes, the marketing term turned into a disorder. It exists to sell supplements, im not kidding..It spawned out from magazines literally. ppfft GAD ... how can a disorder even be "generalized" that doesn't even make any sense. I don't care if you get offended, the truth should never be silenced, especially by huge corporations using pc culture to silence opposition. take some taurine and tyrosine and CBD that can help with anxiety.. oh shit im encouraging my own criticism.. sheesh.. Irony.. oh well.

    FluffysheepbruhFluffysheepbruh8 gün önce
  • Can someone tell me what I'm experiencing When I'm sad or start crying my body/muscles will tighten, but not my whole body.sometimes it's just my hands and neck. They will go into weird poses of stiffness/tightness for a few seconds then it will go away. Most of the time when it happens I feel a little better.

    Partially HumanPartially Human8 gün önce
  • Is There a cure?

    Stian EysboutsStian Eysbouts9 gün önce
  • i have been diagonosed with GAD but can it link with other disorders such as social phobias and also even mood disorders?

    Ronaldo7Ronaldo79 gün önce
  • Please make a video on CBT @osmosis

    Harman OberoiHarman Oberoi9 gün önce
  • if i have any problems unsolved, i couldn't sleep until its solved.

    chiboinkschiboinks9 gün önce
  • I think I may have GAD and I thinks it’s mild or has improved since last year. Some symptoms I share are mostly the irritability which I think might be a way to relieve that stress which isn’t good once that stress comes to my head I *have* to do it or I will stress the whole day

    andreajasylandreajasyl13 gün önce
  • Wtf sometimes i get anxiety from nothing and i always feel like iam dying then i realise that i have anxiety. Everything then goes normal.

  • Very helpful!

    Janielle Saddler-BarnettJanielle Saddler-Barnett14 gün önce
  • I am pretty sure I have GAD. I constantly feel nauseous/uneasy because of small things that I can't even explain. I feel my heart beating really fast and I am bombarded with intrusive thoughts. it is hard because I know my fears are not plausible (like my dad having cancer and dying) I still can't get out of my head. I just feel super anxious and its always there. always

  • Every since grade 6 I’ve had GAD my anti depressants don’t do anything for me and I’m afraid to say so

    Venessa GrayVenessa Gray17 gün önce
  • I have no reason to feel like this, and yet I feel like my lungs are being squeezed, I can barely think straight anymore.

    Divy GhoshDivy Ghosh18 gün önce
  • Check out the anxious truth on TRvision and Dr. Claire Weekes for anxiety relief. Her book, Hope and Help for Your Nerves is a big help!

    Parker SheltonParker Shelton19 gün önce
  • I’m an active girl , usually i shows up at a happy and fearless, but when i being called to do a speech or do a homework on board alone , i have panic : Heart beat faster, sweating, hard to breathe and after that i cry out .... My friends say im act like that to get attention, but im not at all !

    Your DaddyYour Daddy20 gün önce
    • I feel you! I got a panic attack because I was supposed to hold a presentation in front of my class. I barely calmed down after 30 minutes when the next lesson started and I have an upcoming presentation on January 28th (Which is an entire grade) I'm shaking at the thought of it. My friends and teachers all say that they didn't even notice I was nervous whenever I speak in front of the class, but *I* feel it. I can barely say anything in class and I've tried talking to my teacher and the school psychologist but they've just brushed it off as "nothing serious"

      DragonLaraDragonLara16 gün önce
  • I had the worst panic attack ever and now I can't leave my bed, it's been 3 days, I'm full of anxiety for no rational reason. Happy new year.

    TomLashamMusicTomLashamMusic20 gün önce
  • I dont think i have anxiety, but at the same time i have no idea what it is. Ok so... Mine isnt really me stressing and/or getting anxious about things. Its more me telling myself that im useless and therefore causing me to act quite selfishly. It can also cause me to lay is silence and think about things like cutting and/or running away. Anyone know what it is?

    Maroon PandaMaroon Panda21 gün önce
  • I dont know how my anxiety started but it went like this: 1st grade: cool 2nd grade: confident 3rd grade: quiet 4th grade: ok 5th grade: quiet 6th grade: quiet. But i had a friend who is very confident, and im like how? She is my bestie and not shy. I got my confidence from her, thanks to her ❤ 7th grade: im currently 12, at this grade its not the same as 6th grade, at this point my anxiety is serious. This also caused my depression.

    Gacha AshGacha Ash22 gün önce
  • What if you feel the fear and nervousness your whole life

    Kyle LeggatKyle Leggat23 gün önce
  • Do not get so caught up in sadness during the transition away from anxiety. At this point sadness is a representation of a dissolving ego, a good thing, a point in life where a grey area must be filled. Opening your heart to your true identity will be the final step in healing. ❤️

    The Anxiety GuyThe Anxiety Guy23 gün önce
  • We need to all live on a island together so we don't have to isolate lol. I have just been officially diagnosed after suffering for nearly 20 years I just masked it up with daily alcohol until I took a turn for the worse on that. Now I am left with this hideous ogre. At first I thought it was mild schizophrenia or ptsd I never realised anxiety could do this to anyone they diagnosed me with paranoia as well. It took a year to improve from alcohol withdrawl and suicidal thoughts daily constantly and obsessively then when those subsided this is the next relentless wee beastie I was left with which I knew I had but masked up with drinking. The intrusive thoughts are what get my I feel like alice in wonderland and its as if I have fallen down the rabbit hole into the mad hatters tea party. Originally it was like alarm bells going off in my head telling me I wasn't safe I just wanted to be sectioned but since understanding a bit about what is happening to me I can kind of cope but I Can't concentrate at all or learn anything new. Support groups are the best way to deal with this and meditation. I can't even exercise anymore I can't handle the lows after the highs and can't.take medication as I have glaucoma and it tends to close the angle of the eyes which means potential blindness. The problem with medication if you don't get off the meds in 6-12 months which is all it should take to work your on these meds all your life and they have profound effects that aren't positive in the long run. only work on 15 percent of people long term. You definitely need cognitive therapy to try and train you to think less negative. Good luck yall I.haven't left the house for year in the evening I just don't feel comfortable. Having a reasonable day today for the first time in months. Enjoy it whilst it last because it won't last :-)

    steven lupankosteven lupanko24 gün önce
  • Does anybody else feel like sometimes they don’t know where they are and everything looks weird and different. And you blink and still looks the same and then everything’s blurry and you feel like you just blacked out but didn’t. Since the noise is coming back but it’s very low. And u feel very trapped

    Yarely YamuletYarely Yamulet26 gün önce
    • red plastic cup tysm

      Yarely YamuletYarely Yamulet20 gün önce
    • Yarely Yamulet i think you may have derealization or depersonalization / disassociation.

      red plastic cupred plastic cup21 gün önce
  • I feel so personally attacked right now...

    Zonester_exeZonester_exe27 gün önce
  • I'm thinking I have this, I'm stressed and nervous about everything. Even about having to get up. Everytime I am supposed to have piano lesson, I cry just because I am nervous.

    Galaxy ToastGalaxy Toast28 gün önce
  • I was diagnosed a few days ago but I've been suffering with this for a very long time now. An episode would last about 40 minutes to an hour and a half. Whenever I have an episode, I feel a lump of air in my stomach. I feel nauseous. My limbs start to go cold and I start to tremble. I keep wringing my fingers. My heart palpitates and I feel I'm about to throw up. I start to cry excessively.

    Amy Rose PosadasAmy Rose Posadas28 gün önce
    • Amy Rose Posadas yes, I feel almost the same thing. I lose my appetite and feel sooo uneasy.

      KinkyTexKinkyTex26 gün önce
  • This video is increasingly my anxiety

    Who’s that girl It’s CamWho’s that girl It’s CamAylar önce
  • I had 1 wish I wouldn't pick to be prettier or for my crush to like me back. Or to have better physical health. I'd wish to be happy for ever for my anxiety to go away. I just want to be MYSELF agian....

    E M I L Y G R A C EE M I L Y G R A C EAylar önce
  • I feel myself in this. Sometimes i stress alot and sometimes i think about not leaving my bed and idk why but i feel anxious about daily activities like going to school, Talking to people, Concentrating, etc... And i have been awake 4 weeks in a row now, Mostly NOT of will.

    This is great :DThis is great :DAylar önce
  • I have anxiety

    ginax marieginax marieAylar önce
  • when i was 9, i would refuse to go into public bathrooms. yeah. i really hate my anxiety.

    ultimate squidultimate squidAylar önce
  • i have gad, it’s so annoying. i have anxiety for no reason right now

    Elijah HoweElijah HoweAylar önce
  • I got diagnosed with GAD a little over a month ago and have been taking medication everyday since and it’s really helped me a lot. I still get anxious and worry about a lot of things but it’s much more manageable now. My anxiety caused me to have constant headaches and even develop a psychogenic cough (habit cough) that I’ve had for a couple years but every time I went to the doctor for it they just brushed it off. I did a lot of research on the subject and talked to my new doctor about it. She really helped me out and ever since I started my medication the cough has virtually disappeared. Not coughing like I have been for the past 5-6 years has been amazing.

    KatsunKatsunAylar önce
    • I take daily medication as well for my GAD and found it to be immensely helpful. Glad to see you managing well dear friend. May God be with you and show you His kindness and grace. May the love of His Son Jesus surround you and embrace you warmly. Please take care.

      Robin SkRobin SkAylar önce
  • I've had GAD for a while and it's been slowly getting worse, but over these last few days, it got incredibly bad incredibly fast, I've been on some sort of CONTINUOUS panic attack for over 3 days and it's so draining I feel like I'm gonna die and my head feels like it's literally gonna explode. I was prescribed Sertraline but I didn't start it yet because I read that it may be linked to heart issues and I'm really scared to take it. I don't know what else to do this is literally hell, I would so much rather be fucking depressed as fuck than being this LITERALLY disabled. I also read that Sertraline and most antidepressants take like at least a month to START working, and that in that month, the anxiety and depression is likely to get much worse. So again... I'm really scared to take it and I don't know what to do!!!

    Duke NukemDuke NukemAylar önce
  • i bought a car 3 days ago and i been waiting for the garage to register it and ever since i purchased it i cant sleep😳 i wake up after every 2 hours at night and trust me i sleep a lot and this is honestly just a nightmare for me coz im always tired and i cant force myself to sleep i keep imagining myself in the car (im 19 btw) i know it’s probably not that bad compared to yall but damn the lack of sleep is getting me

    iTRY_ MashiTRY_ MashAylar önce
  • idk if i really have an axiety or not...... i never have an axiety attack but i always ovethink and it made me suffer 😭

    Annie CarlsonAnnie CarlsonAylar önce
  • I have gad

    abady hoabady hoAylar önce
  • I got anxiety from the banana splits movie (i know its a stupid reason)

    Abby the mixel GirlAbby the mixel GirlAylar önce
  • Thank God I'm not alone 🙏🙏🙏💯

  • well done, very concise.Gonna help me with my exam

    Ali HouAli HouAylar önce
  • This is a nightmare ...

    IDontKnow TBHIDontKnow TBHAylar önce
  • *Me at 14:* I think I have an anxiety problem. I don't feel right literally all of the time. *My folks:* All teenagers go through that. It's just a part of growing up. Stop being so dramatic. *Me today at 33:* ...And then they told me, "Oh, all teenagers go through that. Stop being so dramatic." Meanwhile, my social life is nonexistent because I have severe trust issues and can't retain interpersonal relationships for shit, I can barely function at my job, I have medical bills that aren't getting any lower, and I feel like I'm dying everyday. *My psychiatrist:* So, did you need me to update that prescription for the Ativan? *Me:* Yes. 😐

    Vegeta is My dadVegeta is My dadAylar önce
    • @Robin Sk I actually was raised in a Christian household and frankly have grown tired of hearing this same thing, repeatedly. Thank you anyway, though.

      Vegeta is My dadVegeta is My dadAylar önce
    • Sorry you are hurting dear friend and are having trust issues. That's understandable, given the state of the world we now live in. Let me encourage you with the truth: You can always trust the Lord Jesus Christ. If He laid down His very life for you, and He did, then it's safe to say you can trust Him. Please take care of yourself.

      Robin SkRobin SkAylar önce
  • My anxiety is starting to take over. I hate going to school and I now have social anxiety because I try my best to avoid drama at school but it continues to follow me. I try to be really nice to people everyday and people always manage to ruin my mood.

    Kennedy VincentKennedy VincentAylar önce
  • I’m getting tested for it soon and I’m really stressed about what might happen, does anyone have advise?

    Caitlin HunterCaitlin HunterAylar önce
    • 97channel thanks!

      Caitlin HunterCaitlin HunterAylar önce
    • It's not an unpleasant experience, getting tested for GAD. It's a very relaxed conversation, your assessor just needs to get to know you and your situation. You've already done the difficult part, in asking for help in the first place. The stress you're experiencing is likely because of your illness. Try to look forward to seeing the specialist, and take any diagnosis as a positive. It's actually a good thing. Once your condition is understood by your doctors they can begin offering you the help you personally need. I really mean it, when I say there's nothing to worry about. If you want to chat more about it, feel free to bend my ear. I don't mind. And try to talk to others about it, as much as you can. You're definitely heading in the right direction, already.

      97channel97channelAylar önce
    • Try not to think of the result cuz it hasn't happened yet, focus on the now, breath in and out , take a walk in nature , or excersice, read a book, and think of things that make you happy .

      NovaNovaAylar önce
  • Im 15 and i have all the symptoms...who should i tell? I dont know what to do cuz ive tried telling my mom but she said it was nothing.. whenever i think about going out somewhere i get horrible stomach pains and i get all shaky and all through the journey too

    jimins excuse meeejimins excuse meeeAylar önce
    • @97channel thank you so much, ill try telling someone ♥️♥️

      jimins excuse meeejimins excuse meeeAylar önce
    • If you are able to see a doctor, that's the best person to ask for advice. You could also talk to a school teacher. Tell them that you have a problem which you'd like to chat to them in private about. Your mom is probably not intending to be mean by being dismissive, it can be hard for some people to understand how you're feeling and how they should help you to deal with it. But also try and talk to someone else about how she is responding to you, they can probably help the both of you. Don't feel that your problem is your fault. And don't feel that you need to be secretive about it. Anyone you trust, be open about it with them. You need to keep asking the right people for help, and you'll get it. Don't hesitate in asking them, I know it can be a difficult thing to talk about but just go straight for it without putting it off.

      97channel97channelAylar önce
  • But can anyone relate to obnoxious thoughts that won’t go away? Like for instance you’ll fixate on having a stroke. Or you’re at a nice dinner, you’re excited. You order the crab legs because you’ve been craving them and you’ve have them thousands of times. Then the crab legs come and right as you’re about to eat them; you suddenly stop and think you may go into anaphylactic shock because you may have somehow developed an allergy to shellfish. Or you’ve had panic attacks in the middle of driving because you thought that maybe today you’ll have a seizure while driving and what will happen when you’re behind the wheel?! So you avoid the highways. Or I don’t know, your heart beat is always elevated and TODAY is the day you’re going to have a panic attack. Docs won’t give you benzos, even though they literally are like Gods miracle pill and for once you sit and feel normal, even if it’s just for a few hours. You’re too nervous to take something daily because you’re already a hypochondriac and terrified of the awful side effects. So instead, wine becomes your favorite handy med because when you’ve had two glasses, you start to FINALLY relax and the noise inside goes to sleep. 😂

    cameron cassiecameron cassieAylar önce
  • Worst part is having no friends and a family who pressures you all the time

    Yasmin StylesYasmin StylesAylar önce
    • Felt that :')

      TeaTea7 gün önce
    • KinkyTex ughhh sorry about that man

      Yasmin StylesYasmin Styles24 gün önce
  • Please try mindfullness, look up Jon Kabat Zinn and his mindfullness Practice. It helped me a lot in decreasing my anxiety, through some very fundamental Philosophies and Meditation exercises. So please for all you out there Waking up and going to bed anxious, Bevölkerung mindfull and Start to breathe conscious. Paradoxicaly by not wanting a way out of it. you can do it. In Love for all you out there suffering, there is Hope.

    Luan Bistrovic-FeriziLuan Bistrovic-FeriziAylar önce
  • I have GAD and it’s awful

    Abcdefg HijklmnopAbcdefg HijklmnopAylar önce
  • My hands go numb

    pooh the winniepooh the winnieAylar önce
  • I definitely have this..... I barely sleep Im constantly worried about what might happen once i leave for the bus IT ALMOST NEVER LEAVES (only leaves if i have a good dream which is so rare it almost never happens)

    Gamingmoon 42Gamingmoon 42Aylar önce
  • Maan this video just gave me more anxiety

    AggressiverAffeAggressiverAffeAylar önce
  • I get terrifying anxiety . Especially at night. I found that by breathing deeply and holding my breath on the intake and expanding my diaphram then counting to 30..or how ever long you can ..and very slowly letting breath go ..then melting into the bed really helped me relax. Doing this while listening to peaceful music was even better ..i had to do this several times but its really worth it I just hope this can help someone. I just wanted to share this technique.

    Arya StarkArya StarkAylar önce
    • Even doing the day I practice this technique when I can . My shrink told me to do this even when I'm calm as you can get into a good habit of doing this . It helps me focus better ..

      Arya StarkArya StarkAylar önce
  • The constant anxiety and panic makes me feel like I'm constantly going to die. I feel an overwhelming sense of dread every single day, and sometimes it gets so bad I feel paralyzed and I can't move or do anything because the anxiety is just so crushing. I feel exhausted all of the time, my social life is ruined and I feel like my life is going no where all because I can't stop feeling so worried all the time. Everything feels like it's closing in around me, its too overwhelming and I don't know what to do anymore.

    IlluminaviIlluminaviAylar önce
  • A real mindfuck this one. Grinding me down, cant shake it off no matter what..savage illness.

    Hot Rockin'Hot Rockin'Aylar önce
  • I have GAD. The difficulty sleeping is 100% real for me. 95% of my dreams are nightmares, plus Im a lucid dreamer PLUS I have a heart condition which makes me TERRIFFIED of anything medical so... honestly, I hate sleeping.

    NatellaNatella2 aylar önce
  • Lol was diagnosed when I was like 5, went on pills that made it worse, and so ten years later i still have GAD and tbh fam im hashtag ready to die

    demo cloud!demo cloud!2 aylar önce
    • IDontKnow TBH nah nah like i love my friends unironically and they have made my life so much better but some things (like chemical imbalances oof) left unchecked will get worse despite what happens in life dw tho fam its all good over here

      demo cloud!demo cloud!Aylar önce
    • demo cloud! Don’t say that u just need to meet the right people to change your life

      IDontKnow TBHIDontKnow TBHAylar önce
    • Hot Rockin' please don’t

      IDontKnow TBHIDontKnow TBHAylar önce
    • Tried topping myself 3wk ago, overdose😆Had enough at 51, good job i've not got a gun😆

      Hot Rockin'Hot Rockin'Aylar önce
  • The minute I have anxiety all I'm thinking is flinging myself out and dying a dramatic or drastic death for all I know all I do sometimes is listen to music and hug my plush lion to bring it down but lemme tell you it almost drives me insane theres literally no joy in my anxiety its dealing with plague or a black of rain following me everywhere n it sucks ☹

    KAY DEKAY DE2 aylar önce
  • lmao so yesterday i got diagnosed with panic disorder, major depressive disorder and GAD. as if live doesnt get any better.

    Mac CamMac Cam2 aylar önce
  • I was diagnosed with GAD and’s very bad but not extreme.

    grayluv16grayluv162 aylar önce
  • Here's what happens with me, every step I take in public gives me anxiety and often my body twitches and sometimes have trouble breathing. Would this be severe or is it something else completely

    tk30tk302 aylar önce
  • I was stressed when watching this 😂😂😂😖

    Dragon FruitDragon Fruit2 aylar önce
  • What does it mean if I keep dreaming about something that happened and I cant stop thinking about it i wake up from cold sweat

    Kaitlyn VanderzwanKaitlyn Vanderzwan2 aylar önce
Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) - causes, symptoms & treatment