JUST DO IT!!! ft. Shia LaBeouf - Songify This

Shia LaBeouf delivers the most inspiring inspirational song in the history of songs. And somehow shouts so powerfully, that at times, you wonder if this was a remix...or just filming his live show?
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Paste down my face
On my hair, on my shirt
She looks at me
And I'm lookin at her
Your life is your life
Somewhere there is light
The gods wait to delight in you
It beats the darkness
You are marvelous
Whos' pretending to be who?
Your life is your life
The forms, the repetitions
Don't let it be clubbed into dank submission
You should get to the point
Where anyone else would quit
You're gonna wake up
And work hard at it
Just do it
Nothing is impossible
Just do it
Yesterday you said tomorrow
Just do it
Don't let your dream be dreams
The more often you do it, the more light there will be - hee
The more light there will be - hee
I squirt toothpaste in my mouth
I start to brush
She's looking at me
I start to blush
Sometimes it feels like
We fill that void between us
That void between you
And Shia LaBeouf
Paste down my face
On my hair, on my shirt
She looks at me
And I'm lookin at her
I rubbed myself on the watermelon for pleasure
Ebb and flow
Expanding the pressure
Just do it
Nothing is impossible
Just do it
Yesterday you said tomorrow
Just do it
Don't let your dream be dreams
The more often you do it, the more light there will be
(repeat chorus until the end of time when the galaxies implode upon themselves and into each other and create an infinitely dense point of light and energy)
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JUST DO IT!!! ft. Shia LaBeouf - Songify This