Hey, #RiddleSolvers! Turn your logic on for brand new riddles! Get ready to boost your brain and test your intelligence ;) A number of studies have shown that solving riddles is one of the most effective and fast ways to train your brain. If you feel bored or exhausted, try these fun riddles to wake up your brain:

00:58 - Here's the first logic riddle that will warm up your brain: A captain of a pirate ship escaped from prison and found an old boat on the pier. He decided to sail to another island. Twenty minutes into his journey he found a hole in the bottom of the boat! Uh oh! He won’t be able to reach his destination before the boat sinks. He found a bucket and a mug in the boat. That was all. What should he use to survive?
01:50 - This short and tricky puzzle will test your logic and math skills: Two kids are begging their mom for a chocolate bar. She agrees to give them one chocolate each, but only if they answer her riddle! She says: “I have snickers and milky-way in my closet. There are 10 bars of milky way and 50% of the bars are snickers.” How many bars are there?
02:52 - Use your critical thinking and attentiveness to the details to solve this riddle on escape! Office workers were informed that a dangerous criminal had entered the building and they needed to get out. They rushed to the elevators. 2 elevators stopped at the same time. Which one would you choose?
03:34 - Another brain teaser that will test your logical thinking and boost your IQ: Mike loves to play computer games! He played for several nights without sleep. Obviously, one night he felt sick, he lost consciousness and hit his head. He woke up in the hospital! Two women came to visit him. Both claimed to be his mother. Mike had lost his memory and couldn’t remember which of them is real. Oops, that’s bad. Look at them and figure out who his real mother is!
04:35 - This tricky puzzle will boost your logic and make you do some hard thinking: Kevin arrived in a small town late at night. He was tired of the road and went straight to the hotel. At the hotel, Kevin saw a flyer on the counter with an ad for delicious eggs for breakfast. Kevin asked the owner if he could order 4 fried eggs, right away. The owner replied: “Well, I don’t know how many eggs I have left. I bought 8 eggs in the morning, I broke 3 and fried 3.” How many eggs are left?
05:32 - Try to solve this brainy puzzle before the time is up: Two brothers came to visit their grandmother. She had her own chicken coop. One time, the boys were walking past the chicken coop. One of them took one egg and challenged his brother: “How can you throw this chicken egg so that it flies 3 meters away and doesn’t break?” Can you solve this puzzle?
06:31 - Improve your IQ score with this brain-boosting puzzle: John participated in a lottery game and won a prize. He was given the address to pick up his prize. When he arrived at the address, he had to find cell number 4. He saw that the numbers on the cells weren’t standard. Which of the cells is number 4?
07:17 - Another teaser to test your math skills: Tina’s begging her mom for a new smartphone. Her mom tells her: "If you solve my riddle, I’ll buy you one. Listen up: "A phone and a phone case cost $520. The phone costs $500 more than the case. How much does the phone cost?
08:09 - This hard riddle will boost your brain to the max: Joanna is a doctor from America. She told her boss that she’s going to attend a conference in Europe. Her boss let her go and asked her to make a photo report. Later that week her boss got the photos from Joana with the caption “Hello from Europe! This is me right now. ” The boss immediately realized she was lying. How did he know? 08:59 - Take a look at these tricky visual puzzles and try to find the mistakes before the time is up! Share your answers to the last one in the comments!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what kind of brain games is your favorite!

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