🔊Test Your Brain Speed 💡 11 Riddles To Test Your Thinking Ability

Get ready to test your brain speed with a set of 11 tricky riddles! These logic brain teasers will boost your brain and test your thinking ability. If you need a quick boost of energy, try to exercise your brain with these tricky brain games. A number of studies have shown that solving riddles is one of the most effective ways to train your brain. If you want to sharpen your logic and increase your IQ, start solving puzzles every day!
00:14 - It's time to test your detective skills! Susan was a singer.
She went on tour but fell ill and was taken to hospital. She had a sore throat. The best doctors came together to discuss how to treat Susan.
Who was not a true doctor?
01:32 - This criminal case will test your attentiveness and critical thinking! It was a sunny day. A schoolgirl Kate was walking her dog. For a minute, she fastened her dog to a fence to enter a store. When she returned her dog was missing. She only saw a red car leaving a parking lot. The same day a police officer found some suspects and questioned them.
Who was lying?
02:43 - Another brainy puzzle to test your logic and increase your IQ score! An escaped prisoner got into a firm. He faked the documents and joined a job. A detective was hired to catch him.
Everyone in the office was scared. There were 4 people: Ryan, Mary, Summer, and Robert. Once the detective got a note: “R+R”. Then the detective realized who the criminal was.
Who was the criminal?
03:38 - This riddle is pretty easy if you pay attention to the details and use your logical thinking ;) Check it out! A rich man passed away. His family came together to learn his last will. It turned out that someone had stolen it. There were 4 suspects in the house. They were: a widow, a younger daughter and a brother of the rich man.
Who took the last will?
04:44 - Try to solve this difficult brain teaser to improve your intelligence! The twins Tommy and Timmy were nine years old. A thief broke into their house. They were together when they heard the sound of breaking glass. That time Timmy played with a peashooter. He aimed at the thief and hit him right in his forehead. The robber clutched his head and left the house with a scream. The police found 3 suspects in the nearest hospital. Each of them had huge bruises on their forehead. The detective said the same thing to each of them: Three hours ago two children frightened a burglar away. You fit their description. You’ll have to go to the police station for questioning.
Who was the robber?
06:09 - Test your detective skills with another difficult criminal case! Late at night the couple walked through the park and saw an unconscious girl lying on the road. An ambulance and the police were immediately called. The police inspected the things that were with her. And found out that her name was Jessica.
They checked her phone and called three people who last spoke with Jessica on the phone.
The police immediately detained one of the suspects.
Who exactly?
07:31 - Can you crack the code and solve this brain-boosting puzzle? Let's see! A detective sent a dangerous criminal to jail.
However, he was informed that the criminal wanted to abscond from prison. The guards took away the criminal’s note.
He tried to hide it carefully. Look what was inside the note.
The detective learned the date. Still, he needed to learn the month.
What month was deciphered by the criminal?
TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what kind of riddles do you like most of all!
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🔊Test Your Brain Speed 💡 11 Riddles To Test Your Thinking Ability