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Welcome to the dEscrIpTionNn~~
Okay! I'm gonna be stating
everything in here! So if you wanna know
anything about this video..read on! 🤠
Thumbnail Inspiration📌: NotZoey
Storyline 📖: Nobody

Sound Effects 🎙️:
Screenshots and Time Taken:
300-400 screenshots
1 week or so
Apps I Used To Edit This Video 🎥:
Kinemaster (To bring the video together)
Ibs Paint X (Thumbnail and Edits in the video)
Gacha Life (Charecters ect.)
Pinterest (Backgrounds and Gifs in the Video)
That's It! 👀
I hope you guys have a wonderful day! 💕




  • *when you forget to put the intro*.. I ABSOLUTELY HATE MY LIFE SKSKSKKSKKSKSKSKSK *I'm so sorry- I was so tired while making this-* okAy watch the beginning of this video to see the intro, and than come back! >;] trvision.net/detail/video-bkgw8vrIjW0.html (if you wanna UwU)

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  • Sooo she’s an only human right??? *So she’s more rare than them-*

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  • Randow guy:defend her Me: why is she not getting yeeted away because he blows the two of them why is she still standing

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  • Here are some tips that you didn't ask for 😃 If you get catcalled bark If you get disturbed while eating make monkey noise Hold up why aren't you taking notes!! Anyhow lemme continue If people are being annoying start randomly screaming until they leave If someone hurts you physically be a snitch or punch them as hard as you can in the gut If you are hurt mentally cry yell and break things (that don't belong to you ofç) Tips😎

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🔥•[~The HUMAN GIRL in an all MALE ALPHA school~]•🥵 GLMM (original storyline) READ PINNED COMMENT 🥺