10 Former NBA Stars Whose Careers Ended TERRIBLY

We saw players like Kobe finish off his career with a 60 point game. That was arguably the greatest last game in NBA history. But for most NBA stars...it's not like that. Hope you enjoy the video!
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  • Lmao! Iverson doesn't realize the irony of him ranting about "coming off the bench" is precisely WHY he had to "come up off that bench"

    Luciano SimmonsLuciano SimmonsDakika önce
  • My respect for cats like Kobe and Dirk is even higher. 15-20 years of the griiiiind of the NBA. The politics, the media, the $, the egos, the drastic changes, the force on the body, training, traveling.... For THAT long.... Wow. What it takes to even GET that good.. then add all that to it.

    Luciano SimmonsLuciano Simmons7 dakika önce
  • Slow mo Kobe at :30. Wow! It's no wonder these guys suffer injuries. Look at the amount of force and contact on their muscles, their bones, the ligaments... Wow. Its staggering the amount of force and contact in bball. Just incredible! Even Kobe, a calloused veteran.. his muscles are bouncing on the bones like if you took a chicken leg and banged it on a counter.

    Luciano SimmonsLuciano Simmons13 dakika önce
  • Wheres Patrick Ewing?

    Lancelot The KnightLancelot The KnightSaatler önce
  • Stephon Marbury should be #2. From basically 2003 - 2009, it was a zoo of situation. Probably one of the most expensive players to create so much conflict. Ended his NBA career in Boston team at age 31 where he averaged only 3.8 PPG. Then went over to China.

    Raf OlejniczakRaf Olejniczak11 saatler önce
  • 4rockets players🤔

    Sal GarciaSal Garcia15 saatler önce
  • LA + homo / debaucherous sexual life = AIDS

    Personal EmailPersonal Email20 saatler önce
  • Jamal Mashburn

    Bass AnglerxxxBass AnglerxxxGün önce
  • Alvin Robertson's career ended so badly that the NBA basically erased his name from most steals in a regular season with 301 due to his arrests and alleged horrific violence.

    Monsune ReignsMonsune ReignsGün önce
  • 7:33 Practice!!! We're talkin' bout' Practice!!! ( In the Bench )

    wawee la luzwawee la luz2 gün önce
  • 1:54 Reignman #respect

    wawee la luzwawee la luz2 gün önce
  • Greg Oden, Lamar odom, chris bosh andrew bynum

    DredaeDredae3 gün önce
  • Kemp demise was the worse I ever seen. In his prime dude was a beast

    Don't GiveUpDon't GiveUp3 gün önce
  • If Russ and Harden don't commit to defense their careers gonna end just like Iverson and Melos.

    Devine WynderDevine Wynder3 gün önce
  • Maybe Jordan should be on here? Retiring, screwing over the Wizards as the GM, then screwing them over as a player.

    Ben KozlovBen Kozlov3 gün önce
  • Danny granger

    Lax KanLax Kan3 gün önce
  • From what I knew years back, the reason Magic Johnson finally retired was because opposing players complained that they could not guard him effectively due to his health condition, they're even afraid to touch him. Magic gave in to this pressure.

    corkystorkycorkystorky3 gün önce
  • If Ralph Sampson is a HoFer, then that means Derrick Rose is getting in 100%

    Go PaoloGo Paolo4 gün önce
  • How in the world was Yao a first ballot hall of fame inductee? Can someone please explain?

    Jason LassiterJason Lassiter4 gün önce
    • out of those 8 yrs he did he thang .......shaq couldnt do shit on him yao was able to dunk block post up and shoot

      William AdamsWilliam Adams4 gün önce
  • What about shaq

    Ryan EverittRyan Everitt4 gün önce
  • How about O.J. Mayo finishing his NBA career with a ban? (unless they sign him back, which is unlikely imo)

    Mark AMark A5 gün önce
  • Jazz let him go off i was watchn the game they did it out of respect for kobe

    Andre SilvestriAndre Silvestri5 gün önce
  • Ummm.... Andris Biedrins ended his career terribly too

    Toms ŠibinsToms Šibins5 gün önce
  • top 10 twin towers

    Ryland FousheeRyland Foushee5 gün önce
  • I expected Chris Bosh on here. Kinda surprised he wasn’t. Guy could’ve kept playing but had the rug pulled out from under his feet due to the blood clotting issue. He didn’t really suffer a decline in his abilities. His body just turned on him out of nowhere.

    slackerofhellslackerofhell5 gün önce
  • They’re all millionaires no need to feel that bad for them lol

    AndrizzleAndrizzle6 gün önce
    • There salaries at the time is what a good role player would get... And those guys were superstars..

      LegitPlaysLegitPlays3 gün önce
  • 3) Allen Iverson Blacklisted by the NBA... What do u mean wasn't good enough to be a primary option anymore, in 07-08 in denver he averaged 26ppg 7 ast and 2 stl per, thats top 10 in the league in those categories, not only did he do that his fg percentage & 3 pt percentage where the highest they've ever been. 26ppg next to Carmelo Anthony = 30+ppg if he was alone & probably more assist. iN 2008 on Denver he also scored 58pt ppg against Kobe & the lakers. Why then in 2009 Detroit wanted to bench him, U guys in the media ignore the fact that in Detroit his points was down cause they had so many offensive options & he was trying to fit in the team concept + he was taking less than 15 shots per game. Yet still the normally intelligent media analyst claim that iverson lost a step, & couldn't score as much, so much decline in 1 summer, The lakers even wanted to put him in the D league & the few other teams wanted to bench him. calling him a locker room cancer yet still in Denver he was a model citizen on & off the court, same thing in Detroit. Larry Brown wanted him on Bobcats but Mj blocked it, still upset from the crossover apparently. The truth is Iverson if he had maintained franchise player scoring volume would've surpassed MJ & perhaps Kareem on the all time scoring list. If u look at his points, he took the fewest games to reach there & is a top 5 NBA player o all time. The greatest Little man ever some say Isaiah Thomas, but I've seen hos top ten plays & he was no where near as exciting to watch and Tho his Badboys Detroit Pistons held Jordan from the NBA finals for years & gave him hell, that was a team effort & a coach with a set of rules called the Jordan Rules. Iverson in 1 game did what Isaiah couldn't crossed up jordan & ensure that he never even wanted to defend him again, & while 1 team had the jordan rules, The NBA brought back the Zone defense, for every team mainly because of iverson, not just the dress code rules. 4 time scoring champ, even at his slowest is faster than most of the league, yet still no team is interested,, a few months from dropping 58 on the lakers...a good team infact his career high 60pts came against Dwight Howard, a defensive player of the year, magic. In comparison Kobe's 89 came against a Toronto Raptors team that Kawih could score 90 on. If you cant look at all the factors and see that their was an agenda to limit the greatness of this man to remove him from the goat argument then your blinded by the agenda & media that ignores his greatness to this day, except in greatest lil man arguments, regardless of size he is one of the greatest player ever on the same level as kobe jordan & lebron, not the mystical niche subsection of best lil man. He's on the mount rushmore of the NBA in my book

    Omar GrovesOmar Groves6 gün önce
  • Vince carter should be on here he played for 9 teams

    Chancellor FoxworthChancellor Foxworth7 gün önce
  • The nba hasn’t been the same Kobe Bryant retired it’s stale and boring AF but I still watch it anyway

    Metal_head IzzyMetal_head Izzy7 gün önce
  • Isiah Thomas is getting treated like Allen Iverson now and it’s sad cause he’s gonna end up retiring in Washington

    Metal_head IzzyMetal_head Izzy7 gün önce
  • Why Yao Ming is on this list? His career never went out miserably

    Gilvert Allen IgnacioGilvert Allen Ignacio7 gün önce
    • i agree and hes in the hall of fame

      William AdamsWilliam Adams4 gün önce
  • You have D Rose video?

    Emiliano HernandezEmiliano Hernandez7 gün önce
  • 1:47 But unfortunately he was not good, so he was cut from the team one month later. 😂

    LarthMediaLarthMedia7 gün önce
  • How many stars kept running good all the career? Absolutely less than a half! Fakin freak...

    Arvils ZeipinsArvils Zeipins7 gün önce
  • If Shaq wouldnt have left Orlando, Penny would not have gotten hurt and trashed his career. Shawn Kemp, did he steal at UK?

    Chris ContactChris Contact7 gün önce
  • The greatest last game in NBA history is any of the several that ended with a championship

    Michael AndersonMichael Anderson7 gün önce
  • The Ralph Sampson fiasco started long before arriving in the NBA in 1983; At Virginia, he never won anything, was a obsessed with handling the ball like some oversized point guard and became infatuated with shooting a very unreliable jump shot that drove his coach's, Bill Fitch especially, absolutely crazy. Because he had to " hunch " to keep his dribble low while pretending to be a point guard running the break, he put a great deal of stress on his knees, and then his back gave him problems. He was also playing out of position when Hakeem arrived, moving to the power-forward spot when he should have remained at center. His best season was his second, back when he actually rebounded the ball and posted up and showed some heart. But it was fleeting since after the Celtics demolished him and the Rockets in the 1986 finals, the following season, Houston had a problem, and the got rid of Sampson to allow Hakeem to flourish and not have anyone get in his way. BTW, for years people were led to believe Sampson was 7'4...he wasn't, and actually was a little over 7'1 and very thin. He never took to building his body as the Rockets wanted him to, and his infatuation of shooting jumpers, which he missed at an alarming rate earned him a ticket out of the league. He was a loser in college and in the pro's and has no business being in the Basketball Hall of fame. Some people simply didn't see him play as I did and many others, and he was very overrated and a head case to Coaches.

    John FlanaganJohn Flanagan7 gün önce
  • arghhh.....what about Chuck Nevitt?

    Tim LTim L7 gün önce
  • Who this clown talki g

    Bernard TylerBernard Tyler7 gün önce
  • andy sounds asian. you asian right andy?

    golfmaniac007golfmaniac0077 gün önce
  • practice....we talking bout practice......i mean what legend comes off the bench, i don't know of any legend that comes off the bench.

    golfmaniac007golfmaniac0077 gün önce
  • CuIM aWfF dA BiEnCh

    Xavier AbelloXavier Abello8 gün önce
  • 1:33 pun intended

    Christopher John RavenaChristopher John Ravena8 gün önce
  • yeah Melo

    Nick YoungNick Young8 gün önce
  • Drazen Petrovic should be on the list considering his upward trajectory in the NBA and how he died in his prime.

    Bailey MBailey M8 gün önce
  • I bet people don't love Magic nearly as much after his time as president of the Lakers.

    Bryce LandonBryce Landon8 gün önce
  • What about mahmud abdul rauf?

    KotsosKotsos8 gün önce
  • Next generation is Russell Westbrick ALL BY HIMSELF!!!

    Adela RangelAdela Rangel8 gün önce
  • Lakers management fucked Kobe

    hellohello8 gün önce
  • Where’s melo

    Brokuu TvBrokuu Tv8 gün önce
  • Carmelo anthony might be watching this video clip and thinking, SOON I WILL BE ON THIS LIST

    Zero TwoZero Two8 gün önce
  • Discipline Displine

    Robert ReevesRobert Reeves8 gün önce
  • Lightskin Lightskin Lightskin Lightskin Lightskin Lightskin Lightskin Lightskin Lightskin Lightskin Lightskin Lightskin Lightskin Lightskin Lightskin Lightskin Lightskin Lightskin Lightskin Lightskin

    Robert ReevesRobert Reeves8 gün önce
  • I'm Shaq

    Robert ReevesRobert Reeves8 gün önce
  • Darkskin Is played Out

    Robert ReevesRobert Reeves8 gün önce
  • 36 Reggie Miller Tony

    Robert ReevesRobert Reeves8 gün önce
  • When Dwight Howard retires hes goona make this list

    RayRaySoShyRayRaySoShy8 gün önce
  • Kobe did shoot it 50 times his last game, but the crowd did love it!

    2badger22badger28 gün önce
    • 2badger2 he also shot 44%

      AirSexton23AirSexton235 gün önce
  • The only thing I ever remember about steve francis is him being an absolute dickhead in vancouver.

    JarekTheGamingDragonJarekTheGamingDragon8 gün önce
  • Soon you will be able to add LeBrick James

    Sacred HeartSacred Heart8 gün önce
  • Iverson was being hated by the league and had a point about the bench he was still one of the best in the league at the time there's alot more to why he stepped away but it wasn't his game

    Kal- ElKal- El8 gün önce
  • Andrew Bynum should be on this list

    Rovi SantosRovi Santos9 gün önce
  • If not for his injuries he will be up there with the top 10 centre ? Yao ming is in the Hall Of fame what tittle else does he need???

    Amador Brandon Olas Parin 111Amador Brandon Olas Parin 1119 gün önce
  • This a very nice 👍 video.

    El GalloEl Gallo9 gün önce
  • Steve Nash should of been on here

    Nathan BeardsleyNathan Beardsley9 gün önce
  • So disrespectful to put Magic Johnson on your list of NBA career nosedives. Magic’s NBA career ended in shock nor terribly. I would’ve went with Kobe Bryant’s last three seasons than Magic Johnson’s unexpected retirement, but I get it - you’re a Kobe fan.

    Michael ADOSMichael ADOS9 gün önce
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    Michelle BaudachMichelle Baudach9 gün önce
  • I didn’t watch your shitty video full but don’t disrespect Melo goodbye

    CJ SipeCJ Sipe9 gün önce
    • You're SHIT!

      Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein8 gün önce
  • Shaq, Peja, Kenyon Martin, Ben Wallace,

    Vlado SVlado S9 gün önce
  • People saying Iverson's ego, some say the NBA didn't want Allen's "image" to tarnish the league. It was both if you asked me. Pro sports leagues and exec's. can hype who they want, and stigmatize the image of certain players whenever they want. On the flip side, Iverson was overly emotional at times when he didn't necessarily need to be.

    Blood In My EyeBlood In My Eye9 gün önce
10 Former NBA Stars Whose Careers Ended TERRIBLY