10 Minecraft Products That'll Make You Want To Punch A Tree!

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Who loves Minecraft?!?! We love Minecraft! BUT, ConnorIRL from Get Good Gaming loves Minecraft soooo much, that we invited him to join us in todays video! If you haven't guessed it already, we checking out and rating 10 Minecraft products! Let us know if you enjoyed this video and would like to see more videos like this by dropping a :deciduous_tree: in the comments down below!

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  • Dis

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  • Who is watching this while waiting for the nether update

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  • i love everything thats minecraft

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  • Minecraft products that will make you punch a tree me Alexa set a reminder to punch a tree

    Dominik DeMattoDominik DeMatto3 gün önce
  • U guys talk to much

  • I'm a hakr 51zp pz15

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    • I'm the hakr pz14

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  • I love mine craft 🐭🐭🐭

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  • Back gas pinata was definitely a nope I can make that at home with a box some tape some toilet paper and some paint

    the Emperor of manthe Emperor of man17 gün önce
  • i am lvl 3 lol

    FIRESTORM official 666FIRESTORM official 66620 gün önce
  • Skittles

    gladysmae lamigogladysmae lamigo20 gün önce
  • 1:47 dragon tAles dragon tails its all most time 4 dragon tails

    thepizzacar pizzathepizzacar pizza24 gün önce
  • How to get views or make money on eBay: Step 1) Minecraft Step 2) profit

    InfernoCookiezInfernoCookiez27 gün önce
  • Anyone else love lazarbeam

    Name TabletName Tablet28 gün önce
  • trvision.net/detail/video-DoAer_yh3rY.html This is the picture that was used for one of his videos this the song

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  • dope

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  • My name is seth

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  • Tanner I thought you didn’t want Conner to know his weapon is 12:17

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  • 17:10 it was actually a creeper trvision.net/detail/video-fB8V_Ld7lrc.html

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  • 16:42

    Tristan HoughtlingTristan HoughtlingAylar önce
    • It is funny because he hit his head and it made that funny noise 😂😂😂😂😆😅😅😅😅

      Tristan HoughtlingTristan HoughtlingAylar önce
  • I already have that rocket league stadium it's huge but dumb cuz you have to connect it to your phone or tablet

    Tristan HoughtlingTristan HoughtlingAylar önce
  • Hi

    Payson MisePayson MiseAylar önce
  • Makes fun of lazer beam

    Joshua LeechJoshua LeechAylar önce
  • 5:23

    sawyer bellsawyer bellAylar önce
  • 13:32 2 reasons why LEGO didn't print evwy block: 1. That would be CRAZY expensive to do, making the product even more expensive. 2. If they just used a bunch of 2x2 bricks with 2x2 jumpers, it wouldn't be stable to play with and would take longer to build. I DO really think they should have put a print or provided a sticker for the portal's purpple appearance, though.

    The LEGO DoctorThe LEGO DoctorAylar önce
  • I'm bored in the house and in the house bored

    Andrew StoreyAndrew StoreyAylar önce
  • 10:15 i love that voice

    your mom69your mom69Aylar önce
  • 10:15 I love that voice

    your mom69your mom69Aylar önce
  • 10:15 I love that voice

    your mom69your mom69Aylar önce
  • 10:15 I love that voice

    your mom69your mom69Aylar önce
  • 10v15 i love that voice

    your mom69your mom69Aylar önce
  • 6:17 people now be like

    Adam CraigAdam CraigAylar önce
  • walle:lava

    Kevin ZenckaKevin ZenckaAylar önce
  • matthies:hit that like button like you'd hit that tree

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  • The minecraft zombie series I own lol

  • At first when I say the title I was like are they that bad

    Isaias MoralesIsaias MoralesAylar önce
  • How did all of you grew your beards? Did you buy any beard products online? Because I am growing my beard for nine months now but it is still thin. I also used beard oils an d balms plus hair growth shampoo.

    Laoagan LesterLaoagan LesterAylar önce
  • all of it

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  • Does anyone know if they deleted the video where they got that Buzz Lightyear mask? I swear they used to have a video where that was the thumbnail...

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  • sorry i ment accually

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  • the stop motion movie thing i acually have

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  • These people know lazarbeam?!

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  • I have a diary of a Minecraft zombie to

    Lisa RendeLisa RendeAylar önce
  • If you watching this in 2020 you will understand the pain of wasting toilet paper and making a piñata 😃

    Bratamay MajumderBratamay MajumderAylar önce
  • Tan man/ i got coners wepon here he dosent know what it is also tan man you caan get tre svings cus you got a pickaxe ???

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  • Mathias sounded like thing 1 or 2

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  • 1000

  • All

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  • I think the red on the word is suposto represent that htje word got enchanged.

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  • When I saw that stop motion play set I realized I actually have the platform and I got the set on my birthday

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  • Is it just me or does Matt look like CaptainSauce?

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  • @DPT plays where?

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  • Gojira

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  • That is in mine craft

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  • Y’all are funny

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  • U can tell is Mattel . 😆😂😆😂😆😂😆

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  • If you really want to get good merch, stan Got7

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  • Lego did do small Minecraft lego I believe in 2015

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  • But this is my mum’s account

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  • No way my name is Seth 😂

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  • Me vs everyone Everyone: fortnight Me:minecraft Me: the prophecy is true

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  • I love Matthias' struggle to promote the like to buy😂

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  • Tanner: LEGO should do it like this. LEGO : set prices x3

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  • DOPE

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  • Don't make fun of creepers, they just wanna say hi but the get too nervous and just blow up.

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  • My name is Seth and I drink rock stars coincidence I think not

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  • Creeper 5:04

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  • I love minecraft

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  • tanners voicecrack at 13:11

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  • I read the zombie diary in second grade 🤣🤣🤣

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10 Minecraft Products That'll Make You Want To Punch A Tree!