10 Toy Story Products You Wouldn't Want to Come to Life!

10 Products That Bring Five Nights At Freddy’s to Real Life! ➡ trvision.net/detail/video-_7QfQi387aA.html
10 Products You Wouldn't Believe People Actually Buy! ➡ trvision.net/detail/video-Bonffyr5U9g.html

Join us in today’s video as we go back in time, act like a bunch of kids (something you might say that we do every video, lol) and relive our childhood as we review 10 Toy Story Products! I’ll be honest, at some point in the video, things get a little weird but we’ll answer all of the hard questions like who is the real Buzz Lightyear? Or, who is the better superhero, Buzz or Zurg? If you’re a Toy Story fan as well, drop a emoji down in the comments below. Enjoy!
-Michael Mantez

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  • It’s wack that you did andy’s challenge in the studio, that’s not even a punishment. Would’ve been dope if it was done outside

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  • I saw an ad for the buzz suit Michael was wearing

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  • asome

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  • pikocho

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  • Pikoku because tanner needs that

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  • 8:12 Tanner: *breaks it and tries to put it back again knowing full well it's not gonna go back*

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  • Pikachu, I CHOOSE YOUU

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  • And 35 foot long 15:05

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  • 14:50 i got schook

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  • 8:11 & 2:11 that face when you realize that you stayed up watching pewdiepie all night

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  • Pikachu I choose you

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  • I don’t like the Zerg thing because at my house it keeps going off!!!

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  • Me: *Looks at the thumbnail* Also me: He look- sHoOk! Also... *InFiNiTy AnD nOwHeRe!!*

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  • 17:17 Listen with your eyes closed

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  • Did any one notice the fed ex truck pull in when tanner was on the ground?

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  • I can make dope or nope with legos

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  • his name is rc

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  • XD Im buzzlightyear i dont except things that arent justice 13:29

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    CrabSandwichCrabSandwich4 gün önce
  • I love Minecraft and miy

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  • i kinda want “i’m buzz, i’m aloud to like it.” to be my life quote

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  • Picocho I close u

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  • Tanner is the best buzz 🐝🐝 and I’m. Not talking about that buzz

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  • "Pikachu I choose you"

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  • Fake Rc:don’t u ever talk to my son or I will run u over tan man btw u guys are really funny

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  • matt looks more like woody

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  • I love your vids

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  • "Pikachu I chose you!"

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  • Forky: I have an idea ( jumps off the table) I start cacking myself

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  • Tanner: hickeyyyy ow Me: laughing so much I can’t breathe

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  • I think they called it an rc car because in the movie it's an rc car but his name is also RC

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  • The Rc is named RC in the first movie

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  • who is the chikmunk laugh tho

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  • 4:33 wow

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  • It's a joke by the way cause of the video screenshot

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  • In the movie the rc cars name is RC

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  • Why is Buzz a Nazi

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10 Toy Story Products You Wouldn't Want to Come to Life!