1200HP C63 AMG by GAD Motors | 0-309km/h ONBOARD & 1/2 MILE by AutoTopNL

1200HP C63 AMG by GAD Motors | 0-309km/h ONBOARD & 1/2 MILE by AutoTopNL
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  • Take a casual sip of your glass and put it back on the table. That's how long it took it to reach 200 kph!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn!!!!

    David R.David R.7 aylar önce
  • Nigga what ?

    Abdullah KaramanAbdullah Karaman10 aylar önce
  • Boba motoring golf mk2 1200hp 2.5 sec 0-100

    Çağrı Koray ÇamÇağrı Koray ÇamYıl önce
  • clutch slipped very badly

    demonizeddemonizedYıl önce
  • This car surely GADers a punch... *ba dum tss*

    Razyr WosRazyr WosYıl önce
  • This vs. Koenigsegg agera r?😉

    Marito507Marito507Yıl önce
    • nice comparsion, but sorry agera is still one level higher, 1400hp and much lighter, but who knows maybe this car can run 400km/h? ;)

      Kamil FordonKamil FordonYıl önce
  • So what the was actual 1/2 speed (not speed on the dash)?

    Heretic AnthemHeretic AnthemYıl önce
  • 1680 nm of torque!!!!

    Ludo xLudo xYıl önce
  • 0-300 .14 ,sec

    قحطان ال سعودقحطان ال سعودYıl önce
  • Damn that thing sounds good... Like really fucking good. Superb exhaust note..

    Ross FullerRoss FullerYıl önce
  • Was für ein Beast!

    lifemeetsrealitylifemeetsrealityYıl önce
  • never 1200 hp

    AmirAmirYıl önce
  • Credibility exactly part mckikft host tire vs experience lamp hard adult.

    Rowan BakerRowan BakerYıl önce
  • Lmao

    mjcapo1mjcapo1Yıl önce
  • What sense have 1200 hp, when you can't drive it. As normal driver you are not faster or slowler as a car with 90 hp. Yes, you have power, but for what? Drive with car on the racing track but this car is so fast as the driver can drive. Also not faster as without 140- 170 hp cars! So much power for nothing.

    Andreas ScheiberAndreas ScheiberYıl önce
    • Merkel???

      C63GAD AMGC63GAD AMGYıl önce
  • wtf is this monster !! Top speed would be arround 380-400 kph ??

    malek baouindimalek baouindiYıl önce
  • Hat der 4Matic also allrad ?

    Mehmed ErtürkMehmed ErtürkYıl önce
    • ja

      C63GAD AMGC63GAD AMGYıl önce
  • 220 - 300 OMG !!!!!!!

    CLIXCLIXYıl önce
  • The sounds that thing makes

    Erik BarwickErik BarwickYıl önce
  • 6.3😍😍😍

    عمروش عمرعمروش عمرYıl önce
  • it is simply a fighter jet that flies on the ground..

    Storm65Storm65Yıl önce
  • 65000hp...😂

    X679 X679X679 X679Yıl önce
  • Orgasmic!!

    John AndersonJohn AndersonYıl önce
  • More like god motors!😅

  • How many seconds 0-100, 100-200

    • SIMSON I would say around 3 seconds each took around 6 seconds to 200

      choschnebabchoschnebabYıl önce
  • vau vau vau

    Yusif TalibovYusif TalibovYıl önce
  • This Motherfucking car bangs in every gear

    Misho MaisuradzeMisho MaisuradzeYıl önce
  • Wahnsinn woher nimmt der Wagen seine Traktion

    Marco XYMarco XYYıl önce
    • Der wurde auf Allrad umgerüstet. Das hast du oft bei GAD mit so viel Leistung. :)

      Sinan AyhanSinan AyhanYıl önce
    • AWD würde es erklären ...

      Marco XYMarco XYYıl önce
    • auto hat allrad. sonst würde es nicht gehen vom Stand so viel gas zu geben

      C63GAD AMGC63GAD AMGYıl önce
    • Choschnebab *AWD

      OBMG HittaOBMG HittaYıl önce
    • Marco XY ich glaube der Fahrer kennt den Wagen sehr gut und weiß wie viel Gas er beim anfahren geben darf, was anderes kann ich mir bei einem Fahrzeug mit Hinterradantrieb zumindest nicht vorstellen

      choschnebabchoschnebabYıl önce
  • David A.David A.Yıl önce
  • I'm assuming that transmission was built to handle the increased power? Sounds a bit rough shifting through the gears.

    The Recovering AudiophileThe Recovering AudiophileYıl önce
  • What the

    terra saidterra saidYıl önce
  • That shit got up to 300 like nothing. Wow

    TheHvkTheHvkYıl önce
  • beast

    salman2070salman2070Yıl önce

    SKSKYıl önce
  • Could easily go like 340-350

    Κώστας ΛιλήςΚώστας ΛιλήςYıl önce
  • Wow! That's really quick

    kimleng oeurkimleng oeurYıl önce
  • this car won't go 1000 more kilometers, it's gonna die

    Gábor MarkóGábor MarkóYıl önce
    • GAD engines are built to last

      Max GuthschmidtMax GuthschmidtYıl önce
    • hahahahah he now has 65 thousand kilometers. no problem

      C63GAD AMGC63GAD AMGYıl önce
  • Top speed?

    BVB09 aaBVB09 aaYıl önce
  • Too slow for 1200Hp.. R8 v10 supercharged with 800 hp is more better and faster

    Alinn NicolaeAlinn NicolaeYıl önce
    • Alinn Nicolae well not much you can answer right? lol😂😂😂

      choschnebabchoschnebabYıl önce
    • Alinn Nicolae or what do you think?

      choschnebabchoschnebabYıl önce
    • Alinn Nicolae launched around 0:57 reached 300 at 1:11

      choschnebabchoschnebabYıl önce
    • Alinn Nicolae well you can see it in the video

      choschnebabchoschnebabYıl önce
    • Choschnebab If you say.. 😂

      Alinn NicolaeAlinn NicolaeYıl önce
  • This thing is evil

    The TruthThe TruthYıl önce
  • goes from 0 to 300 like my car from 0-100 :( :D

    Hans WurstHans WurstYıl önce
    • My Clio 4 - 120 hp take 9.4 sec. A little bit better 😅

      brassart gaelbrassart gaelYıl önce
    • brassart gael yes... I'm driving a nissan micra k12 with 60 hp 😅😂

      Hans WurstHans WurstYıl önce
    • 15 sec

      brassart gaelbrassart gaelYıl önce
  • Drive this on the Autobahn!👆😅

    MiluMiluYıl önce
  • Едет он конечно зверски!

    Владислав ИвахненкоВладислав ИвахненкоYıl önce
  • weird shifting

    Don JonDon JonYıl önce
  • Amazing

    Uday BrantUday BrantYıl önce
  • Cock

    Adolf HitlerAdolf HitlerYıl önce
  • 1200 (457) HP hahahahaha😂

    Nikodem DyzmaNikodem DyzmaYıl önce
    • Rohit sood normal C63 Coupé (Not BlAck Series) has 457 HP, Black Series has 507-510 HP. This is engine swap from I think E63 w212, with bigger turbines and added AWD. Plus everything else what's necessary like cooling and stuff. For idiots that don't know shit, but still shitpost here. Brabus and GAD are only guys whom I would give my care to tune (I have 190E BTW 😏)

      S MS MYıl önce
    • Rohit sood they changed the engine. They say it at the beginning, from 6.2 n/a to 5.5 biturbo

      choschnebabchoschnebabYıl önce
    • x3 the original HP..... BRUH!

      Ben DoverBen DoverYıl önce
    • Nikodem Dyzma yeah i want to know that its 457 hp but how they increase to 1200

      Rohit soodRohit soodYıl önce
  • That's insane. I wonder what engine work was done in order to achieve this crazy acceleration

    Mr MysteriousMr MysteriousYıl önce
    • TheLukas0801 yes and I said it is now a Bi-Turbo?! What’s your point?

      choschnebabchoschnebabYıl önce
    • And we already knew its the 5.5 because its written everywhere. His question was What mods it has

      TheLukas0801TheLukas0801Yıl önce
    • TheLukas0801 they obviously didn’t took stock merc turbos

      choschnebabchoschnebabYıl önce
    • TheLukas0801 what do you mean with stock?

      choschnebabchoschnebabYıl önce
    • Choschnebab oh, didnt know the 5.5l has 1200 HP stock.

      TheLukas0801TheLukas0801Yıl önce
  • 0-200 7 sec?

    Khabib TimeKhabib TimeYıl önce
    • Khabib Time yess!

      Marito507Marito507Yıl önce
  • 0 - 300 km/h in 12 sec. 👍😀

    ValdeckValdeckYıl önce
    • In 14,5s

      Sarunas MSarunas M4 aylar önce
  • sound is bad

    Alex BrammAlex BrammYıl önce
  • When the wing mirror pulls itself out at the end 😂

    JMBJMBYıl önce
  • That thing pulls faster than I pull girls 😂

    Hamza QuraishiHamza QuraishiYıl önce
    • jojajo2707 Well a name like jojajo is definitely very attractive! 😂😂

      Hamza QuraishiHamza QuraishiYıl önce
    • Damn u roasted me 😂 Well before they ask my name That’s when I pull

      Hamza QuraishiHamza QuraishiYıl önce
    • joja,lmfao

      Zeid SonbolaZeid SonbolaYıl önce
    • Dude, you Pull nothing with that name😂

      Peter S.Peter S.Yıl önce
  • Это просто 💥

    Сила в ПравдеСила в ПравдеYıl önce
  • Acceleration as in a computer game, just incrledible!

    Oss SkutkuOss SkutkuYıl önce

    Generale BetaGenerale BetaYıl önce
  • MOMSTER !!! 1200hp 1600nm OMFG ! look AREGA R have this same engine mercedes ! power !

    NadsenecNadsenecYıl önce
    • Nadsenec OmFg MOMSTER

      S MS MYıl önce
    • Nadsenec Arega I'm crying 💀☠️

      S MS MYıl önce
  • 1200hp and only 309km/hr

    MarvisTvMarvisTvYıl önce
    • MarvisTv idiot

      Musa Berkay TetikMusa Berkay TetikYıl önce
    • .... on half a mile ....

      Patrick S.Patrick S.Yıl önce
  • What the hell 3 sec 7 sec 10 sec 14 sec

    TheFunkyairTheFunkyairYıl önce
  • Fucking Hell O_O

    NieJestemzPolskiPLNieJestemzPolskiPLYıl önce
  • as fast as chiron

    Simon JackSimon JackYıl önce
    • Simon Jack insane right?

      choschnebabchoschnebabYıl önce
  • 1680nm o.O excuse me? This is not a car. This is a rocket!

    smkbeatboxsmkbeatboxYıl önce
  • The transmission was badly slipping due to the over tuning the car. The transmission is not designed to handle that much horsepower and torque. This car will be a mechanical nightmare within few months. That's why I don't recommend tuning the car beyond its limits.

    Mr.Logic23Mr.Logic23Yıl önce
    • I don't think it's the slippage . All GAD cars ,( Benz ) behave the same during the gear change even the new car , engine internal and transmission are upgraded for higher torque and I believe they purposely did it this way like power shifting sort of thing.

      Omar LekphetOmar LekphetYıl önce
    • Mr.Logic23 the transmission is 100% modified

      choschnebabchoschnebabYıl önce
    • Mr.Logic23 Dude, no way this is stock transmission! Or do you think the transmission can withstand a power increase of nearly 800 hp? And more than double the torque

      choschnebabchoschnebabYıl önce
    • Mr.Logic23 sir you are so right . Gad tunes beyond limits but cars that gad tunes are horrible af so if you dont know shit do not talk atleast .

      Alb inAlb inYıl önce
    • You are a true Sherlock! Its the fucking goal of GAD to tune beyond limits...

      TheLukas0801TheLukas0801Yıl önce
  • 0- 360 next please

    Blerim BossBlerim BossYıl önce
  • Hab you test with this car 0-360 kph please

    Blerim BossBlerim BossYıl önce
  • Gear changing sound is awesome! Its just like powershifting👍🏽

    grkhuntergrkhunterYıl önce
  • Holy smokes!!

    Przemysław KalitaPrzemysław KalitaYıl önce
  • AMG rocket!!!!!

    Porsche 2509Porsche 2509Yıl önce
  • Well, it's quick!

    Don PabloDon PabloYıl önce
  • That power...😍💪

    Cristian FlutarCristian FlutarYıl önce
1200HP C63 AMG by GAD Motors | 0-309km/h ONBOARD & 1/2 MILE by AutoTopNL