13 Gym Class Pranks! College Pranks!

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Our next selection of pranks for college will make even the most boring school day fun! Rather, watch our new video and have fun with your friends!
Supplies and tools:
• Phone case
• Printed picture of iPhone camera and logo
• Clear tape
• Scissors
• Soap base
• Grater
• Soap coloring
• Soap pearly pigment powder
• Rubbing alcohol
• Knife
• Chewing gum
• Food coloring
• Brush
• Long fake nails
• Old basketball
• Hot glue
• Clear plastic
• Permanent marker
• Headband
• Double-sided tape
• Glitter
• Fondant
• Edible glue
• Tennis ball
• Awl
• Syringe of water
• Liquid soap
• Slime glue
• Borax
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13 Gym Class Pranks! College Pranks!