13 TRUE SCARY STORIES [Compilation Vol.18]

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  • This is a compilation of stories I've done in these last few months, consult the time table to skip past stories you've heard before: Story #1 (0:17) Story #2 (5:57) Story #3 (11:57) Story#4 (15:44) Story #5 (23:09) Story #6 (26:04) Story #7 (33:20) Story #8 (37:47) Story #9 (40:30) Story #10 (44:54) Story #11 (50:44) Story #12 (56:09) Story #13 (1:17:43)

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    • Only discovered this channel a couple of days ago. Loving it. Great for when I want a short story.

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    • Love these stories UNIT #522

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    • I love these story's...

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    • we use these for family night

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  • The real hero is the old owner cashier guy at the gas station

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  • Who is still watching this

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  • Sounds like story was a camping area of some demonic realm !

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  • Why doesn’t anyone call the damn police

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  • Unit gang. Gang gang. 616 666 616

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  • True story: years ago, when I was young woman, before mobile phones and GPS, I went on a whitewater rafting trip and had a long drive to the country at night on my own to join the group. I noticed after a couple of hours that I was running a bit low on petrol. I came to a cross road out in a deserted road and there was a street lamp. I had to make a decision as to which direction might take me to a gas station and was worried I wouldn't make it if I made the wrong choice. I got out to see if I could see any signs, it was very dark except for the street lamp. I figured a random stop in the middle of nowhere, I'd be able to get out and check so I did. All of a sudden I heard these loud marching footsteps behind me. They sounded so far away as to not be a problem, but suddenly they got louder and louder and I felt a little scared but jumped back in the car. As I started the engine and pulled away I heard someone bang on the back window, but I managed to drive off in one direction. It turned out to be the right one and I made it to a gas station ok and continued onto the trip and just tried not to think about what happened earlier. I shared a room with a few people that night and we got talking. One of them told me that she'd heard there had been an escape from a nearby prison the night before! This sent shivers down my spine. I can never be certain what really happened but over the years I've often thought back on that situation and how different it might have been if I had not got back in the car in time or taken the wrong road and run out of gas.

    Melissa GreenMelissa Green8 gün önce
  • How do u not call the police when there was people burying someone in front of your house but instead wait until the next morning and look? I'd call the police and not being able to sleep I would have watched that spot until the police showed so the kid was an idiot as far as I'm concerned and I hope I'm never in the need of help and that moron is the only one around

    Dawn breakDawn break9 gün önce
  • I have a scary story, but it is too boring to tell. Weird because I wasn't bored then, I was scared shitless. I don't know how to feel about it because I don't believe in demons, so I have to live with the fact that I have 2 conflicting answers.

    Captain RonCaptain Ron9 gün önce
  • - *S C R E A M* -

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  • 2:45 is when you turn off the lights and run up the stairs

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  • First story i think just had a bunch of pussys involved. Maby some lsd

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  • sounds like someone witnessed a drug drop not a person

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  • His dad's wife?...why didn't he say his mother?

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  • Good Saturday 407 morning going to bed my boxer and I were up all night listening to your stories older ones thank you Unit these stories are absolutely MONUMENTAL shine on like the Aurora Borealis unit peace kindness smiles and prayers for you and your family dream sweet good night it's sandman time with master Unit

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  • Animals got the dead body in the shallow grave. They smell 'em out and take them. He waited a whole day and most of the big bad animals come out at night. It's really not uncommon. Not that big of a mystery.

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  • i swear Unit#522 and mr.nightmare and a few others i listen to are AMAZING at telling these stories idc if some are not true they're good no matter what keep telling them stories Unit#522

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  • What's more crazy fact or fiction..... Crazy story's!

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  • Bro how many times does that girl have to tell us she's 17?? WE GOT IT THE FIRST 10 TIMES STOP

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  • I love these stories. I really love the 911 calls and the channel Horror Stories but it's really hard too. U gotta cut urself off sometimes from the evil in the world. I have heard most of these but sadly theres always more.

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  • 10 years ago my gf was at her 2 friends house a boy and his gf. She said the entire day she was there she was getting a creepy feeling like there was a ghost. She said at one point she was in one of the bedrooms and it sounded like children laughing and playing next to window. She looked out and nobody was there. She said the longer the day went on the crazier the two started to act. She said it started when she went to bathroom and the boy friend walked into bathroom with rifle and closed the door with blank look on his face. She said she laughed and asked what he was doing and he just stood there staring at her. She said finally he blinked shocked his head and had a confused look on his face. She laughed ot off. She went to the basement where the girl was standing and she was sitting in the dark sobbing. She tried to figure out what was wrong but the girl wouldnt answer. She started getting creeped out and said she had to go home. The two almost begged her to stay so she did. They smoked a blunt and she said she felt like death was in the room. She got so creeped out she just walked out of house. She got to her car and started backing out when the bf came around the garage trying to wave her back. She said she saw him but pretended she didnt not to be rude she just knew she had to leave. She said when she pulled out she remembered looking at the clock and it said 6pm. She did not call the boy or the girl back for a week and had not seen them either or gotten a call. About a week later I was at her house and a detective showed up. I guess they found the boy and the girl in the back yard. The police knew that she had to have been at that house at around 530 because her cell phone was pinging in that area. She said left at 6pm. Told the police the entire story. The cop kept saying are you sure it was 6. Come to find out from the autopsy there was 0% chance they were still alive at 6pm. That infact they had died early that morning. She said she showed up at9 am and spent day with them. Police said between 8am and 9am is when they believe they 2 were deceased

    PATSFBALL 4466PATSFBALL 446623 gün önce
    • Creepiest part my gf said when they smoke the blunt she remembered passing it to the boy. She said she looked away for a second and looked back and he was standing there with no blunt and the blunt was gone. She chalked it up to the wind smoking it or him pocketing it but then the girl walked in and had a fit when she found out it was gone and went down into the basement to sob for another hour. I wouldnt have ever believed any of this shit if I wasn't there when the detective showed up to question my gf. The worst part of it all is she talked me into going to the girls wake. The father was shit faced drunk and you could tell he was becoming unhinged and u can tell people were trying to calm him down. Finally he lost it and went off on my gf for lying about what happened that day. We left and a few months later she got a random call from the father apologizing. He said that his daughter came and saw him the night b4 and told him not to blame her she did nothing. I remember sitting listening to the conversation thinking you could not write this shit in a book. It just didnt make sense and for a while I thought I was the one who in fact was dead

      PATSFBALL 4466PATSFBALL 446623 gün önce
    • My gf said that she has no doubt she spent the day with there ghost all the while their physical bodies hung in the backyard.

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  • This happened a long time ago 28 years ago actually I'm 64 now back then I was working for a telecommunications company (BT) I was repairing a fault on someone's line along this road which is about a mile from where I live now location is England north part between Manchester and Birmingham I had my ladders on this telegraph pole I was closing the joint on the pole then I looked across this field I saw a emerald green light hoovering near the trees in the distance I thought what the hell is that so me being curious walked over to where the light was as I got closer it was about 200 metres in diameter all of a sudden I felt so tired and sleepy next thing I remember was waking up in the field BLOODY dam cold I ran to my van I jumped into started the engine to get warm I noticed the time I lost 2 hours of time it still bugs me today of what happened ?

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  • UR storey telling are awsome 😊

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  • LOVE YOUR STOREYS!! I love your storeys x unit 522

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    • The word is stories!

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  • 34:24 12:30 44:18

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  • The last story is so frustrating

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  • MYST!!!!

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  • Or you coulda just had the grandma stay the night

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  • Well if the presumed dead guy got up I don't think he would have taken the sleeping bag with him...Was it there or gone ? If not,.perhaps somebody ordered them to go back and do a better burial deeper in the woods...

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  • That's funny small fru7kkmmmmm

  • I was born in Mt clemens Michigan lol

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  • Hey , where is "Small Fry" again ? .... . for the curious mind ... From Portland Oregon 💋 I was a teen in the 80's also , Graduated in "88" 😛 and loved your 2nd story on a personal level ❤ thank you , was very cool too 💋

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    • @Patsy Priscilla - Hey , thanks for that bit of info ! 💋

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    • It is in Estacada

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  • Who else thinks this guy talks like nick offerman?

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  • I have one. It was Christmas (2019) when this happened, me and my cousins planned to go for a hike at 4am towards this hill top not too far from my grandmas house, to greet the sunrise and pop some drinks there. 4am came and we trail towards the destination. I was behind my cousins when I heard some talking behind me, and I know this was talking because I heard words like S K etc. So I halted my cousins when they turned to me and said they heard it to, fearing for the worst we draw our knives and staffs to try and defend ourselves to what ever was there. Minutes passed by and we didn't hear anything so we resumed forth our destination. We had fun there when it was time to come back home. Days past and all of us who went hiking got sick for some reasons unknown, but this sickness was peculiar, it only seems to appear when we're about to sleep. This continued on for 2 weeks and that was it

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  • In the 1st story they clearly walked into a Disillusionment Charm protecting against prying muggle eyes 😄

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  • I love relistening to these stories so much

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  • @30:47 that comment saying you seen his I already turning black that right there proves your whole f****** story is false you're I don't turn black right away in fact your I don't turn black for a couple of days......

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  • why do people drive HOME when they are being followed? Drive to a police station!!

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  • Thnx, a female voice would be helpful as things get tricky to follow sometimes--others should take note that upload too

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  • santa came. *no presents*

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  • My terrifying story is one time I had cookies and milk... I dip the cookie in and and.... it broke😢😱

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  • lmao listening to these instead of working out

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  • 6:40 I live in MI's Upper Peninsula 👍

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  • Are these real stories,or are you making them up?because a lot of people now are writing and making up dogman stories. You must be a good writer.

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    • Everybody who has a story ain't a good story teller. Like the folks who wrote these. And people do not typically make up Dogman stories. You know how I know? Bcuz they're BORING. If you are gonna create an event, you'd do a bit more than piss your pants!

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  • John seriously needs reporting to the police,very creepy.even years later when she's married with kids his leaving her cheap ass roses on her door step

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    • trust me, the cops can't do anything if someone leaves cheap roses on my steps. in fact, the police can't solve every problem for us. besides, would you rather the guy attempt to make direct contact? I say, count your lucky roses!

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  • Your voice reminds me of Nic Cage.

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  • I have a scary story. One day I looked in the mirror and what I saw looking back was....... Me! The End.

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    • /ssccrrrreeeeeeaaammmm _sweet dreams kids . . ._

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    • /ssccrrrreeeeeeaaammmm _sweet dreams kids . . ._

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  • This is some good story telling, another great video.

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    • hahaha I bet the Nephilim can't wait to get ahold of you, @p hole. You'll be A-Z hole when they get done with you.

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  • No smartphones in the 80s but at least they had there rectums to eat and play with

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    • Hey there! Generally I like to persuade ppl onto the path of righteousness. For THEIR name sake. How we doin'? I love Massachusettsians!

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  • I am, I listen or watch whenever I wind down for the evening. I enjoy them alot. Thanks for the scary stories.👍

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13 TRUE SCARY STORIES [Compilation Vol.18]