15 DIY Barbie Hacks / Barbie Vacation Ideas!

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Is your Barbie doll going to Hawaii or the Maldives? Let's make her vacation luxurious and unforgettable! How exactly? Watch our new ideas for doll's life hacks and crafts.
Supplies and tools:
• Cardboard box
• Fabric
• Scissors
• Hot gun
• Disposable cups
• Ribbons
• Elmer’s glue
• Cardboard
• Photo frame
• Chopsticks
• Wooden skewers
• Laundry bag
• Acrylic paints
• Metal hangers
• Artificial flowers
• Zip-pack
• Foamiran
• Drinking straws
• Glitter
• Iron
• Baking paper
• Plastic
• Droppers
• Hand cream
• Fluffy modeling clay
• Hot gun stand
• Decorative scotch tape
• Laser nozzle for flashlight
• Paperclips
• Medical masks
• Surgical masks
• Twine
• Plastic paper folder
• Padding polyester
• Lego part
• Foil
• Chenille sticks
• Pack of drinking straws
Tobu - Damn Son
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  • Eu adoro esse canal do trom trom!Eu uso muito essas ideias Quem curtiu deixa like👍👍

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15 DIY Barbie Hacks / Barbie Vacation Ideas!