16 HEALTH & BEAUTY Hacks YOU Must Know! By Crafty Panda

It’s important to stay healthy and know how to maintain good hygiene! We are bringing you a number of smart health tips and healthy lifestyle ideas! Learn how to properly wash your hands, make your own sanitizer, make a mask out of a scarf, and so much more! Stay tuned, clever pandas, for more awesome DIY healthy lifestyle videos by Crafty Panda!
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00:00 How To Remove Gloves
00:29 Hot Honey
01:01 Tissue Box
01:19 Diy Face Mask
01:52 How To Wash Hands
02:21 Ginger Candy Chews
03:02 Soap + Germs
03:15 Disinfectant Spray
03:48 Ginger Turmeric Shot
04:24 Ginger Honey Syrup
05:04 Lemon Infused Honey
05:41 Toothpaste Lip Scrub
06:29 Garlic Pimple
07:45 Black Eyes
08:48 Reusable Sheet Mask
10:05 Blackhead Mask
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16 HEALTH & BEAUTY Hacks YOU Must Know! By Crafty Panda