1920s Label Paster [Restoration]

This restoration is on a 1920s Stikfast Label Paster made by The A.V. Ross Co. of Norwood, Ohio, USA. This tool seems to be fairly rare as there are only a few examples online and not much about the company that made it. The patent for it can be found here: patents.google.com/patent/US1615778A
The label paster top is copper plated for some reason, but the bottom is not. I do not know why. I really liked the look of copper, brass, and iron used in this machine. The brass components were stone-washed and lightly repaired. Some brass discs had cracks in them, but not large enough to affect the function of the tool.
I decided to get some practice on hand painting brass labels and took the time to do just that with the smallest brush I could find.
I feel like this tool would not be very practical since the glue in the bottom part would start to harden if it wasn't always being used. I also imagine that cleanup would be more time than it's worth.
It's nice to do some work on a smaller and less complicated tool after spending months on a chainsaw.
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  • And? Basically? A complete waste of effort ...well other than entertainment value ...besides that however? practically speaking? yes a waste? One of of a vast number of BORING things from 100 years ago ....IMHO anyway....but what do I know?

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  • Hey Hand Tool Rescue! Was just wondering, did you have a "Master" restorer teach you all of the techniques that you use, or was it just time in the shop/tinkering that all your experience came from? Love all of the videos!! Also, I missed your amazing 80's sitcom intro, one of my favorite parts!

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  • Awesome video as always! I have a pro tip for your bandsaw when you are cutting small objects, but the baseplate has a huge opening around the blade, as seen at 11:36 You can take a sacrificial wooden plate, cut it until it lines up with the rear of the baseplate, then put a pair of visegrips to hold it down. you can now cut the small pieces precisely since the sacrificial plate will provide support all the way in to the blade itself. :)

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  • Those two holes on the front are where a tear off blade went. I have seen these restored.

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    • Never mind. At 8:20 I could clearly see it must have been hot-glue. Clever... I will keep that one in mind. Thanks!

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  • honestly for fixing cast i recommend brazing especially some of the nickel rods or silicon bronze the nickel rods id still do it with tig but are 80 ksi and way less of a chance of cracking just my opinion but nice job cast is a pain touched it a couple times in school

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  • It is copper plated to prevent the iron from rusting. The glue they used is water based. Eventually, this machine would start rusting. The glue might get contaminated, too and stain the paper labels. Having that said, I wonder why the glue tray has not been copper plated..........

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  • Add the vacuum attachment to your sandblaster and you'll increases the visibility, as the vacuum can remove the dust because you're pressuring a box with no real exhaust. The vacuum gets rid of the dust instead having the dust to settle in order to see.

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1920s Label Paster [Restoration]