2001 Invasion of Afghanistan | Animated History

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    The Armchair HistorianThe Armchair Historian11 aylar önce
    • @Mu5ty Laghmani hahahhaah except from the war of 1971 Pakistan won every war bro....

      Alijan KhanAlijan KhanGün önce
    • @Alijan Khan Did Pakistan ever won war? The last time Pakistan fought a war, a new country emerged from Pakistan geography called Bangladesh. Next time Pakistan fights another war Balochistan and Pashtunistan will be formed insha Allah.

      Mu5ty LaghmaniMu5ty LaghmaniGün önce
    • did ever america win a war???????😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Alijan KhanAlijan KhanGün önce
    • @Jean Vandorst 1. Iran and Afghanistan are NOT Arab countries! 2. Iraq INVADED Iran because the US puppet Saddam was instructed to by his masters. 3. When ObL was based in Sudan between 1991 to 1996 the Sudan authorities offered to both S Arabia and the US to hand him and his entire organization over together with tons of intel they had gathered on his local activities, visitors, local and international communications and financial transactions. The Saudis declined, the US CiA recommended he be expelled. Sudan warned that, based on their intel, if he was merely expelled he would head straight to Afghanistan, which the US said was ok. The Sudan authorities then moved on his organization and expelled them, but ObL appeared to have been tipped off by an external party and left the country before they got to him, and he headed to Afghanistan.

      Curtis ThomasCurtis ThomasAylar önce
    • Pakistan🇵🇰interfered in Afghanistan🇦🇫affairs due to #DurandLine from 1973 before soviets invaded in (1979) until now "Pakistan unconventional war campaigns against Afghanistan" dispatchesfrompinehurst.com/2020/02/23/briefing-on-pakistans-campaigns-against-afghanistan-and-why-they-have-failed-repeatedly/amp/?__twitter_impression=true "Brigadier Sultan Amir Tarar, Colonel Imam" in Urdo trvision.net/detail/video-jvqJFu0-HGM.html "Muhammad Khan Sherani Pakistan MNA" in Pashto trvision.net/detail/video-CoxlEw0A5iM.html "Pakistan ex Prime minister Zia Ul Haq saying Afghan jihad is for Pakistan" trvision.net/detail/video-DLsNIHYBUjE.html "Pakistan ISI controlling Taliban peace process" www.yahoo.com/news/pakistans-intelligence-service-may-end-up-the-real-winner-in-the-afghan-peace-deal-at-least-for-now-144515932.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cDovL2MubmV3c25vdy5jby51ay9BLzEwMjI2MzE3ODk_LTQxODo3MzU6bW9zdF9yZWFkX3RvcA&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAK-uMjnoflW8KBEBmmjZv8cB5tJ-NfP9wWXD-YzGnlrtq0Gmck_lt6Io_20PwJxAl1xmZ9iitmo_eUvI4sWraz7NCcv009FkgmALQb8sO7ZuJennLp6iPl0a128Jq4K7UeqPxV5GEXDT1UZRPn8_kOpKs6IF1rXDvPiICmuLX4vn Afghan Russian war helped Pakistan to aquire nuclear: says US www.dawn.com/news/1453065 The ghosts of Afghanistan - tribune.com.pk/story/2109495/6-the-ghosts-of-afghanistan/?amp=1 Pakistan is the biggest obstacle in the stability and development of my home land Afghanistan that's why Pakistan harbours non state actors like the following: Pakistan is a safe haven for terrorist groups like - Al-Qaeda Lashkar-e-Omar Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) Sipah-e-Sahaba Jaish ul-Adl Al Badr Mujahideen Harkat ul Mujahideen ISIS-KP (ISIS Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) Haqqani Network

      Mu5ty LaghmaniMu5ty Laghmani2 aylar önce
  • 12:21 someone played battlefront 1

    Blake CrewsBlake CrewsSaatler önce
  • I was just a kid in his early teens back in the day. The only thing i remember was comming home from school and watching on live tv how the twin towers fell down. I never knew much about the war that followed i was to busy being a kid i guess.

    Red Mustang 1976Red Mustang 197619 saatler önce
  • As an Indian I would like to say don’t trust Pakistan

  • Not gonna lie but the part when they said ah alkur bar had me 😂 (I know I spelt it wrong)

    Fit ChapoFit Chapo23 saatler önce
  • 911, is the biggest CIA attack on american soil made reason to start war

    Doc awaisDoc awaisGün önce
  • just another gossip video hiding truth, in real USA mostly killed civilians

    Doc awaisDoc awaisGün önce
  • Bro. That battlefront 2 sound got me feeling nostalgic

    wes Kneewes KneeGün önce
  • Americans: We defeated Taliban and Pakistan. Also America: We want Pakistan to play role in Peice Process with Taliban.

    Raja Zohaib HassanRaja Zohaib HassanGün önce
  • Taliban and Pakistan vs America/World. And Brothers Win.

    Raja Zohaib HassanRaja Zohaib HassanGün önce
  • The Star Wars Battlefront zoom in thing made me happy

    Rphilly 66Rphilly 66Gün önce
  • Im from Afghanistan and what you said is not true. When the US started bombing Afgahanistan, after a few days US helicopters dropped off some pro US commanders against Taliban on the east Abdul Haq who was captured by Taliban and was executed by them. In southeast Zadran which was not successful either and in the south Karzai he was almost captured by Taliban in Uruzgan province but he was hidden by a elderly tride. US paid cash to northern allaince but the US didnt want them to take the capital kabul from Taliban because the US didnt like them. US bombed the Taliban all over the country except the front line of Taliban against the northern allaince after the US bombed the Taliban for a month and it was not successful then the US asked for help from northern allaiances and started bombing the front line of Taliban and norther allainces started the opporation and could have broken the front line and captured the north then they forwarded toward kabul the capital when the northern allaince came close to the capital, US warned them not to enter the capital but they ignored the US warning and captured the rest of the country. The biggest mistake of US was in Afghanistan which they expelled the northern allaince from the goverment and handover to those Afghans who was long time in US,canada or in Europe and didnt know anything about Afghanistan and now we can see the resulted which Taliban uprose and is more stronger then ever.

    HADI janHADI jan2 gün önce
  • People believe in conspiracies because they don’t want to think we’re run by people who don’t now want there doing.

    Jarod 1999Jarod 19992 gün önce
  • I can't believe even in 2021 this young man isn't aware of the truth behind 9/11

    Anas GhaffarAnas Ghaffar2 gün önce
    • @DEWA NYOMAN AGUNG OKA DWIANDRA Experts say it was an inside job and it absolutely makes sense! The problem is when the westerns put it on Muslims. "The killing of innocent human unless for murder or for spreading corruption in land is like killing humanity" this is what Islam says. If you want to learn more about this incident go listen to the lectures by a famous Islamic scholar Dr. Zakir Naik. If you have further questions you can ask him online or directly in QandA time.

      Anas GhaffarAnas Ghaffar19 saatler önce
    • What truth behin it then?, if you know exactly what happen, why dont you start a channel?

  • "Unfortunately for America, the highly controversial occupation had begun". Really? Who is occupying whom?

    Abtin KhamoshiAbtin Khamoshi2 gün önce
  • Bush: I have oil Saddam: Mine is cheaper Bush: Not if I torch them all away.

    jasper budionojasper budiono2 gün önce
  • and it's last America lost again as usual.hhaahHahH

    Alijan KhanAlijan Khan2 gün önce
  • What happened to the one taliban guy that was in the air base

    Lal ChhandamaLal Chhandama2 gün önce
  • 15:10 I can't get over their plug walk out of the tunnels lmao

    VexingWeebVexingWeeb2 gün önce
  • "Aww..." :( - Mr. Taliban man

    L o s t O s t r i c hL o s t O s t r i c h2 gün önce
  • Wy did buch blowup the TWIN towers in new York city and then star this fack war in Iraq

    Michael BoydMichael Boyd3 gün önce
  • The next gosling accordantly work because root aditionally bake against a two parallelogram. awful, lacking stepson

    Eric MatthewsEric Matthews3 gün önce
    • What?

      Jarod 1999Jarod 19992 gün önce
  • Ohh the Americans and their egocentric belief that they are the saviours of the world when they are plainly acting like the bullies if the play ground

    manuel ortegamanuel ortega4 gün önce
  • Brutal interpretation? That's what the text says to do.

    GlobalTheaterGlobalTheater4 gün önce
  • hahaha self made history

    umair amjadumair amjad4 gün önce
    • Hahaha you dumb af

  • It sucks we have to learn the details 19 years later. Imagine what goes on today that won't be confirmed until 2040. smh.

    Christopher HernandezChristopher Hernandez4 gün önce
    • If there is a 2040

      Mary Joy GelizonMary Joy GelizonGün önce
  • Hundreds thousand USA troop and hundred thousand afghan fighters No planes or helicopters American soil or afghan soil Afghan fighters win 10/10

    Cameron HansenCameron Hansen5 gün önce
  • Osama Bin Laden was CIA. 911 was an inside job, CIA and Mossad did it.

    Michael MyersMichael Myers5 gün önce
  • Hope that one day, countries harmed by the US gets their justice too

    Meu :DMeu :D5 gün önce
  • this video:nord vpn tank video"world of tanks

    Nodner RendonNodner Rendon5 gün önce
  • 20 years later and the Taliban fight against basically the whole world like the war started yesterday, Taliban legend

    Okaybutlater ImgonnafuckyourmomOkaybutlater Imgonnafuckyourmom6 gün önce
  • WW1 and WW2: US; "Hey guys let's declare war on Germany and Japan." Post 1945; "Let's declare war on an ideology" Post 2001: "Let's declare war on...some abstract concept forever"

    sir Nortonsir Norton6 gün önce
  • USA has created all terrorists in the world

    Y AY A6 gün önce
    • No

      ShamrockShamrock2 gün önce
  • Bro....it is called The Graveyard of Empires

    MD IbrahimMD Ibrahim6 gün önce
  • 12:22 Only true men will recognize this animation/sound.

    BanditBandit6 gün önce
  • My friend was born while his dad was pumped to Afghanistan. It was his second time in combat. He was a Sergeant

    Mark GrangeMark Grange7 gün önce
  • my dad was in afghanistan in 2005 and 2009

    Paulius IndriūnasPaulius Indriūnas7 gün önce
  • 9:10 it’s like a family reunion lol

    Khaly Dawg ツKhaly Dawg ツ7 gün önce
  • The single taliban is a poor dude

    Deron ChooDeron Choo8 gün önce
  • Wait, so Afghanistan, is basically just Russia's Mexico?

    DanDan8 gün önce
  • I loved the subtle Star Wars Battlefront Reference haha

    Dylan GoodmanDylan Goodman9 gün önce
  • do an afghani perspective like in the Iraq war series!

    A. HaririA. Hariri9 gün önce
  • Slavery rings ? Who were they enslaving and why?

    Anshuman SinhaAnshuman Sinha9 gün önce
  • Fairytale. Wakeup.

    Mr ShockMr Shock9 gün önce
  • Star Wars episode 2

    DarrenDarren9 gün önce
  • Only a fool would attempt to fight US

    DarrenDarren9 gün önce
  • and what is the worst terrorrist attack from USA on another country?, I am sure the list is very long... so I ask you to do a historical review on this issue

    Gonzalo Velásquez-AlvarezGonzalo Velásquez-Alvarez10 gün önce
  • Ah such a peaceful religion 😯

    Janak SinghJanak Singh10 gün önce
  • Technically we should've never been in Afghanistan. They had nothing to do w/9-11. He used 9-11 to finish what daddy couldn't. There's a reason G.W Bush is considered to be a war criminal!

    Dennis The Almighty MenaceDennis The Almighty Menace10 gün önce
  • That ooorahhhh gave me flash backs from cod waw

    0Sama BiniNy0gurL0Sama BiniNy0gurL10 gün önce
  • Biased and bullshit!

    Hasnain NaeemHasnain Naeem10 gün önce
    • How? Tell me the truth MR. VERY EDUCATED PERSON

    • How

      Dumisani NkosiDumisani Nkosi8 gün önce
  • Afghanistan is not in the middle east... It is considered in central asia

    مالك القطيفمالك القطيف10 gün önce
    • @Dumisani Nkosi persia

    • What about iran

      Dumisani NkosiDumisani Nkosi8 gün önce
  • 3:52 kurattttt

    Robert Alexander PeetsRobert Alexander Peets11 gün önce
  • 2:18 Usama Bin Laden

    Robert Alexander PeetsRobert Alexander Peets11 gün önce
  • Middle East? Afghanistan is in South Asia

    N BN B11 gün önce
    • All the "stan" country mainly in central asia

    • More like central asia

      ShamrockShamrock2 gün önce
  • Muhammad's teachings are largely to blame.

    Dale D.Dale D.11 gün önce
  • Funny how you don't mention any of the civilians killed by US forces and allies. American shill

    mike nawmike naw12 gün önce
  • 12:21 SW Battlefront ;)

    BJMBJM12 gün önce
  • What a disgusting guy , people say Trump is the worst president at least trump never started a single war . This man caused enough chaos and the next day at church he be like " god bless us" bro ur daddy is prolly rotting in hell by now so will u when ur time comes . Fucking maniac how many innocents have u killed 🤢

    Dark KnightDark Knight12 gün önce
  • Talibans:hey! Croatia:what? Talibans:can I atack u! Croatia:wha- Talibans:ill take that as a yes Croatia be like: hippty hoppty. YOU LOST AHAHAHHAHAH!

    Michael BrewsMichael Brews12 gün önce
  • I was recommended this video.❤️❤️❤️ Thankyou TRvision for finally realising the importance of promoting good content

    ayush sharmaayush sharma13 gün önce
  • Lol obscure Saudis attack USA USA: to Afghanistan we go! World: Wheres ur evidence? USA: We found this passport, in the wreckage of the plane.. yeah that plane that burned so fiercely it reduced two steel towers to the ground.. yeah this passport survived the blaze.. World: ... makes sense, LETS GO!!

    Hassan ShaikhHassan Shaikh13 gün önce
  • Afghans main enemy is Punjabis, If Afghanistan ever attacks Pakistan Namak haram qoum forgets that Pakhtoons from kpk, balochs from Balochistan, sindhis from sindh and other minorities will be fighting with Punjabis Aka Pakistan. 🇦🇫💩

    Noob_donate_plzNoob_donate_plz13 gün önce
  • Armchair fruitcake 😂😂

    tanisha gardypietanisha gardypie14 gün önce
  • lol! sheep still think 911 was done by the taliban/osama!! so sad

    WolfCastle WolfcastleWolfCastle Wolfcastle15 gün önce
  • AjmetooAjmetoo15 gün önce
  • Hi. If I may add a clarification in the content of your video in regard to aire- lefting of Taliban and alqida leaders and troeps to a totale number +700 people. Which happened under authority, supervision and facilitation of USA army in favour of its strong allies such as Soudi regime and pakistan.

    Jan JamsJan Jams16 gün önce

    Ed StevenaEd Stevena16 gün önce
  • And people says russia is my friend 🙄

    bhikaristan • 69 years ago orbhikaristan • 69 years ago or16 gün önce

    Ali SherkawiAli Sherkawi16 gün önce
2001 Invasion of Afghanistan | Animated History