You can decorate anything on a budget! We are here to prove it with our fantastic life hacks that will help you to turn your house into a cozier place.
At the beginning of this video, you will find a lot of cool ideas with mugs. All these hacks will help you to stay warm in the cold season.
If you want to decorate your house with an unusual object that will attract lot of attention, try and use out ideas on making fairy tale houses! You can use a planter and make a lovely composition in it as it is seen here - 3:21. Use plastic bottles, pebbles, ropes, popsicle sticks, and what not! Imagination is your only limit!
There are many cool ideas with paper in this video. Paper is awesome for crafting because it's one of the most accessible materials. Check out how to use paper in order to make lovely garlands, flowers, and other home decor items.
At the end of this video, you will find lots of fantastic ideas on making lovely crafts of paper using quilling techniques. Using our tutorials, you will learn how to make different shapes and patterns using rolled paper stripes.
0:37 - Donut in a mug
2:38 - Fairy houses
5:42 - Lovely wintry composition
10:33 - Quilling hacks

We advise adult supervision and care at all times.

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