24 Hour Overnight Challenge on Backyard Inflatable Water Trampoline!! (Pond Monster Found Hiding)

Spend 24 hours overnight on an inflatable water trampoline win $10,000 Challenge! But will the pond monster get in the way?!
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You saw in Stephen Sharer last vlog, “Worlds BIGGEST Inflatable Backyard Slip N Slide!! (Sharer Family Ultimate Surprise Party Reveal)”, the Sharer Fam had an EPIC party with a 300-ft slip and slide at their backyard inflatable water park. Now that the family party is over, today the Sharer Fam is doing a 24 Hour Backyard Challenge on Water the worlds biggest backyard inflatable water Trampoline …and the winner gets $10,000 cash! Competing in today's epic challenge are Stephen Sharer and his sister Grace Sharer (Sis VS Bro). Stephen Sharer has his sleeping bag ready as well as some spy ninja gadgets ready to go so he and Grace Sharer can CAMP OUT overnight on the backyard water trampoline for 24hours. Grace and Steven brought plenty of snacks to help them get through this overnight challenge and win the $10000 prize money where Stephen and Grace will be STRANDED in the pond for the entire 24 hours. Hopefully the Pond Monster will stay away, but be sure to comment #PondMonster if you see him during the vlog! And Sharers, be sure to watch out for any funny things Grace Sharer might play while her brother Stephen Sharer is sleeping on the water trampoline. Who do you think will win this money challenge and win $10,000 prize? Comment #Trampoline if you love doing backflips and would do this epic challenge!!
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24 Hour Overnight Challenge on Backyard Inflatable Water Trampoline!! (Pond Monster Found Hiding)