Check out cool kitchen hacks that will ease your life. You will learn how to cook faster, learn perfect solutions for typical kitchen problems. Besides, you will find cool camping hacks that will help you to spend your time in the wild the in the most comfortable way possible.
Everybody loves to eat chips while watching the favorite show but your hands become dirty. If you are too lazy to wash hands, use chopsticks. We have more ideas on how to comfortably eat chips: roll the chips bag from the bottom to turn it into a bowl. Learn how to eat every last bite without getting crumbs everywhere. Insert a sheet of paper in Pringles can to eat chips comfortably. You will find a shocking recipe of giant chips that you can use to prank your friends.
Watermelon is sure is the best fruit! That’s why we prepared surprising ways to cut and peed watermelons, how to make delicious desserts and even watermelon bomb! You will learn the ways how to quickly cut and serve a watermelon in an unusual way. One more cool idea is to make a watermelon no-bake cake. To make this simple recipe, cut off a watermelon's rind then cover in whipped cream and decorate with berries. This is the best dessert for a summer party. One more cool recipe is Cola watermelon.
Here are some genius camping lifehacks:
- Make a portable water filter. You will need a plastic bottle, cheesecloth, rubber bands, stones, sand, and charcoal
- make DIY BBQ grill from old can and soda can
- Use corn chips as Firestarter
- Learn how to light a fire using AA battery and foil
00:14 Cola watermelon
01:48 Watermelon bomb
04:00 Use chopsticks to eat chips
04:41 Giant chips prank
07:34 Camping hacks

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