Don't have a knife sharpener or a glass cleaner? From this video you'll know how to make a shoe freshener from a teabag, get rid of product smells on your skin. How to make oil cubes for fried potato or squeeze fast a pomegranate juice:) And make a multicolored fried eggs to shock your loved ones😱!
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00:12 How to save a pan
00:48 The fastest way to sharpen a knife
01:22 How to restore wooden surface with a teabag
01:44 Protect a plant against pests
02:47 How to remove avocado pin 🥑
03:53 DIY colorful fried eggs with natural ingredients simple recipe 😋
06:00 Peanut butter instead of a shaving cream
06:19 How to remove a chewing gum with a peanut butter
09:23 How to cut tomatoes with a plate
09:49 Menu board
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