We love sweets and want to share cool and recipes! Make a lollipop from Sprite. Take a bowl and pour sprite, add green food coloring and gelatin. Pour the mix into a mold for lollipops and freeze. Enjoy!
If you think that Kinder yellow plastic capsule is useless, you are wrong. You can reuse it in different useful ways. Make a hole using a knife in one side and put lollipop inside. You will keep your lollipop clean if you can’t finish it.
Check out how to make an awesome decoration for your cake out of appearing and candies. These decorations look like real flowers and you don’t need to be a chef to create these flowers.
Take a clear plastic ball ornament and fill it with candies. Attach a stick and the giant lollipop is ready! It will be a perfect gift for kids. Check out cool ideas on how to make a perfect candy bar. You will find how to make cute cupcakes with marshmallow flowers; how to make a bouquet out of lollipops. And the best part is to make a candy cotton machine at home.
You can make different cupcake decorations using marshmallow: flowers, fondant and more. To prepare a fondant you will need mini marshmallows, powdered sugar, and water. Take a bowl and mix water and marshmallows. Microwave for 1 minute. Add powdered sugar, stir and refrigerate. Then use food coloring of any color you like. After that roll out your fondant, cut out your circles with a cookie cutter and watch our tutorial how to make roses. Cute roses are ready!
As a bonus, you will find cool recipes on how to make ice-cream at home from the chocolate bar and Kinder chocolate. You will totally love our easy and cool sweet recipes!
00:15 Sprite lollipop recipe
01:00 Kinder capsule lifehack
01:29 Flower decoration for a cake
02:10 Giant lollipop
06:50 DIY cotton candy machine
12:51 Delicious ice-cream recipe

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