If you love plants and you usually decorate your house with plants, this video created for you! Succulents and cacti are incredibly popular nowadays as you can make a lot of décor items with them. Moreover, these plants are very sustainable and are easy to keep alive. You can freshen up your house or even make lovely additions to Birthday or wedding décor. Watch our video that is full of ideas on how to freshen up your room decor with succulents. You can make concrete planters using a milk carton and concrete. These planters are so easy and cheap to make that you can also make a lot of gifts for your friends. Moreover, you can paint your planters any color or pattern that suits your house! One more stylish succulent décor idea is to make - vertical succulent planter. Instead of framing the picture, you can create a vertical garden.
A broken clay pot is not a reason to be upset. Don’t throw it away and create a fairy garden. Be crafty and create a whole new world. Let your imagination guide you! Also, you can create mini gardens. This idea is great for those people who adore plants and have a whole collection of plants at home. Upgrade your collection and make cute handmade items to decorate your garden. Watch our tutorial and create accessories for a miniature garden out of ordinary things like popsicle sticks, pebbles, glass drops, paper clips. Reuse plastic jug and create cute fairy house for a Tinker Bell!
One more cool collection of crafts is paper crafts. Paper crafts are the easiest the cheapest way to decorate your house or get ready for Birthday or another special occasion. Watch our tutorials and make 3D stars, colorful garlands, and origami ideas!
00:09 Concrete planters
00:51 Vertical succulent garden
07:58 Mini garden ideas
14:15 Papercrafts
23:11 Reuse drinking straws
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