This video is a collection of lifehacks how multifunctional ordinary thing could be. Every girl has panty liners in her bag. Panty liners have a lot of different purposes! It’s an amazingly versatile product and you will be surprised how useful they could be:
- If you forgot flip-flips use panty liners instead
- Makeup wipes are rather expensive and to cut costs, you can use panty liners. Pour micellar water on a panty liner and use it to remove makeup.
- Panty liners are perfect to absorb sweat. Stick panty liners to your bra and it will be an absorbent shield for the whole day
- Pour water on the sanitary pad and place in freezer. Use it as an ice pack if you have bruises
- Stick sanitary pads to your shirt to avoid sweat stains
- Accepted that leggings can be worn as pants but camel toe looks embarrassing. Watch our video and learn how to prevent camel toe, no matter where you are or what you're wearing.
One more incredible collection of ideas is lifehacks with scotch tape. It’s a very multifunctional item that could be used not only to fix a lot of things but also to make your Instagram photos better. Wait what? Yes, if you want to look skinnier on photos, use sticky tape to make your belly look perfect. Replicate fingerprints using sticky tape. Cover a finger with red lipstick and stick scotch tape. There is a cool way to make a feather-shaped out of scotch tape earrings just in 5 minutes. Use sticky tape to create a cool manicure design idea.
You will be totally shocked by the weird ways to cook a steak. Use toaster, iron and even a chicken to cook the best steak ever! Let’s cook a steak using an iron - wrap meat in a piece of foil and place a hot iron on it for 5 minutes from every side.
00:09 Hot glue gun crafts
01:41 DIY Bubble machine
03:15 Panty liner crazy uses
12:47 Crazy water filter idea
14:00 Weird ways to cook a steak
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