You will love this video as we prepared a new collection of cooking life hacks and recipes that will ease your life! You will find crazy but super-delicious recipes that you totally should try to prepare. Your friends will love this idea!
We share a cool way to prepare coffee using an orange. Check out the incredible tutorial! One more crazy recipe is watermelon cooked in watermelon. It’s not a joke! Marinate a whole chicken or season it. Take a watermelon and cut off the top, remove the flesh. Place a watermelon inside and cook for two hours. All children will love the next idea - quick oreo ice-cream. Try to make this ice cream and share the results! Microwave a cob for two minutes and you will have perfect popcorn.
We share a cool and easy recipe for healthy eaters - chicken skewers. Chicken breast is a perfect choice for healthy eaters as it’s full of protein and so easy to cook. Check out the recipe: cut chicken breasts in strips and skewer them. After that, cut the strips between the skewers, add some spices and bake in the oven for 20 minutes.
Check out handy kitchen ideas: store fish in two ziplock bags; decorate the cake with bakes pineapples; learn how to cut cucumbers in a very creative way; open a soda can using chopsticks; check out how to divide yolks from whites. Use French Press to make whipped cream for coffee. Fill the French press halfway with heavy cream and pump the lever up and down.
00:09 Orange coffee
00:29 Cook chicken in a watermelon
01:15 Oreo ice-cream
04:28 How to cut a tomato
06:59 Chicken skewers

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