Easy phone hacks and DIY phone accessories
How often do you use a smartphone? Well, try to tell the truth now. We all know life is hard without a phone. In this video we have some creative ideas to make your phone colorful and cool gadget that you’d love to use or show your friends. Moreover, all of these hacks are very easy to do as you will only need the items you most probably already have at home.
Handy lip balm phone case.
If you bag or backpack looks like a mess and it is impossible to find small stuff in there, try this awesome ideas: transform your ordinary boring phone case into a handy lip bam holder. Just take a package of your favourite lip balm and glue it to the case using a hot glue gun. Easy!
2. DIY hot glue phone case
This is a great craft for those who love unique and sophisticated designs. Print a pattern of your choice on a simple sheet of paper and place it on your phone. Now wrap you phone in parchment paper to make sure the glue will not touch the phone itself. Try to follow the lines of the parer with a hot glue gun. Don’t forget about the edges. Let the glue to cool sown and carefully remove your new case and parchment paper. You can also paint it using some nail polish to add more Colors to your gadget.
00:27 Easy DIY resin phone case
02:14 Color-changing phone case
03:38 Lovely handmade yarn phone case
06:07 Reuse old drinking straws
09:43 Cool phone case from a balloon
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