3 Disturbing True School Stories

Most, if not all students are back to school by now, so what better time to hear some more school horror stories? These stories take place in either college or high school.
Story 1: Gale Connery
Story 2 : "NY Caraballo"
Story 3 : "Turan G."
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If you want to send a personal TRUE story of yours, please send it through email: mrnightmareinbox@gmail.com
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  • woah nothing happens here in Delaware

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  • Am I the only one who falls asleep to these?

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  • I love ypu

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  • 7 foot? Big shape? Weird lookin? Sounds like Shaq to me

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  • I am watching this while doing my homework

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  • School is a horror story lol

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  • An Anti-Social person sending his horror story on social network, wow!

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  • How can person just standing there not making the lights turned on?

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  • I literally had two stalkers at school.

    Taylor Not So SwiftTaylor Not So Swift8 gün önce
  • I have a scary story about school during the Coronavirus: Online school

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  • 2:27 pretty accurate description of me

    Oskar AagaardOskar Aagaard8 gün önce
  • I love the stories but the humanoid ones are just such bullshit, its incredibly hard to believe smh

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  • These aren't scary to think about now that im homeschooles lol

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  • 2nd story the kid got a belly starts looking a t u eating

    Chris SchmelterChris Schmelter12 gün önce
  • I thought I was the oley high schooler without a phone in 2020 though

    Chris SchmelterChris Schmelter12 gün önce
  • I live in Newark,Delaware and I remember Wilmington University being on locked down a couple years back because of a knife toting maniac

    Candace Osei BonsuCandace Osei Bonsu12 gün önce
  • 2020 got covid so no school for me but when go back i anit going to the libary (ps i cant spell bc no school)

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  • the second guy just wanted to say hi

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  • *When you're all out of Mr. Nightmare videos so you binge watch the older ones over & over* 😍😍 #tissueformyissue 🤧😭

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  • story:😐 pictures:👹

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  • the first story made me think of the demogorgon from stranger things

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  • How would the police handle the humanoid call a swat team

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  • 3 disturbing true school stories

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  • Is there another way to listen to this without having to be on TRvision?

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  • Me:Light go off. Also me:Watches Mr nightmare videos... Me at night:Looking at a door WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?! Edit:xD thanks for a like.

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  • Who else watches these at night

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    • Ms. Scream 2 wow this amazing it’s night and a lil scared make more scarryer

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    • U'll absolutely just love my horror story narrations if u liked this

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  • sir i KNOW you’re packing

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  • The figure in the room was a janitor who was on a stool fixing the lights. He was scared of the guy so he didnt say anything. After fixing the lights he left and thats why the kid saw the lights turned on. LOGIC.

    KING ADITYA-PUBGM and More! !KING ADITYA-PUBGM and More! !22 gün önce
  • There was a thing in the corner... it was a shadow! 👻

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  • Me: Gets really scared and intrigued My device: time for an add

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  • Imagine almost getting murdered by a homicidal neckbeard

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  • Bro I am always Scared to Watch this but I can’t help myself

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  • Is school not horror enough

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  • This is probably my favorite kind of scary stories since I still go to school

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  • 2:19 what was that

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  • The scariest story: *we had sixty five pages of homework*

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  • Idk y I like stuff like this so much

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  • If some creepy dude/girl asked me where I lived I would answer: In my house...

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  • 9:31 there is someone in a reflection.

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  • One time my math teacher told me to go get one of my classmates because he took a long time in the restroom when I got there the lights were off and I turned them on, to my surprise there was no one there, I thought that maybe he had gone to another restroom so is went to check the 6th and 7th grade restrooms and again nothing only some kid that was washing his hands, so I decided to check the lunch restroom and NOTHING I was confused the only restrooms left were the gym and special restroom and no one was allowed in the special restroom because, you know that for the special kids and I knew he wasn't in the gym, I went back to my class and told my teacher about it and she told me to go back I probably didn't see him, I knew that he wasn't in the restroom but I said "ok" because it was a good excuse to skip class, after like 6 minutes of wondering in the halls I heard a bang from our restroom, me being stupid I decided to check it out, while I was walking thourds the restroom, about 2 kids ran out laughing, I checked inside and there he was, my classmate had a bloody nose and he was laying on the floor groaning, there was some blood on the Wall and I realized that the boys probably banged his head on the wall , I told my teacher and he got sent to the nurse and went home, I know it's not a scary story but I was extremely mad because he was one of my best friends

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  • Well none of these can happen right now so why am I even listening to this?

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  • I listen to Mr.Nightmare while cleaning, eating, chilling, E.C.T. Pretty much while doing anything.

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  • I fucking love that you have a 5x hoodie I am buying that when I get my check 🙏

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  • plot twist: the guy in the second story over pronnounces his words because hes canadian

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  • Nobody: Me Watching This About To Start Online School Next Week:

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  • bitch

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  • You must be a 12 year old girl to think these stories are real. Idiot

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    • after369369 Jesus Christ you’re dumb and late to this video

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  • Dude in the first story almost got his hands on a Death Note smh

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  • Funny thing is these actually give me nightmares

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    • Crazy Person we’re in quarantine so your not going to school anyway lol

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3 Disturbing True School Stories