31 AMAZING DOLL CRAFTS FOR ANYONE || Miniature crafts and barbie DIYs

How to make barbie dress or shoes for your doll? How to create awesome doll furniture for the doll house? You'll know how to decorate your doll's house, you'll make it much more bigger and prettier! Barbie perfume, shoes, dress, hair style, even cosmetics for your doll!
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00:16 DIY barbie furniture from what you have at hand
01:00 Clothes for your doll made by yourself 👠
03:13 Miniature crafts for barbie
05:01 How to decorate barbie's house
05:23 Change barbie hair style 🧘‍♂️
06:51 How to clean old toys and make them look like new again
09:29 How to make doll furniture for a doll house
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31 AMAZING DOLL CRAFTS FOR ANYONE || Miniature crafts and barbie DIYs