This video is full of cool and crazy ideas that will make your life much easier:
-You can make an emergency showerhead out of a simple. Make holes in a plastic bottle and watch our tutorial!
-You can easily warm up a pizza using an iron and hair dryer. This method is a perfect replacement of a microwave
-We know the best way to keep your room cool during hit days. Watch our easy tutorial!
-If you don't have a power bank with you, charge your phone using DIY portable charger made out of a car charger and 9V battery
-Make an emergency spoon out of a plastic cup and fork
-We know a genius trick how to cool down your room during hot days usin a fan and a bowl filled with ice cubes. Place a bowl with ice cubes in the location where fan blows across it
-We know an easy recipe of natural repellent! You will need paraffin or old candle and citronella oil. Melt paraffin and add few drops of citronella oil, attach a wick and let you new candle cool. Citronella oil is one of the most effective repellents that is also natural
-Check out an emergency way to fix your flip flops in one minute
-If your ring is too loose, you can easily solve this problem using a hot glue
-You can make a fancy cardigan out of a scarf! Watch our easy tutorial!
-You can easily refresh your old t-shirt and make any cool print on it using a bleach
-Create any picture on your old tights using a permanent market. Print any picture you like on a sheet of paper and attach to the Pringles can. Put tights on a Pringles can and copy the picture. Moreover, you can use same technique to make a fake tattoo sleeves
-Clean sneaker's sole using an eraser
-We know how to solve such a problem as scratched bag handle! Take any scarf you like and knot the corner to the middle of the handle. Wrap a handle with a scarf or even make beautiful braids
Don't forget to share these genius life hacks with your friends!
00:09 Emergency showerhead
03:22 DIY Portable charger
05:46 Natural mosquito repellent
09:16 Fake tattoo sleeves
11:29 How to fix scratched bag handle

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  • 3:51 why is she even using a fork to eat soup????

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  • India is not juggard like this vdo Triggered insaan is the best

  • Actually these hacks have been taken out of context hence they look like jokes and insulting in this vid For eg 1 the sprit bottle shower is for a beach shower not an actual bathroom 2 the iron heater hack is for hostel rooms (we even make tea/maggie like that) 3 the phone charger is for a place where u cant access an electrical point or where there is no electricity And then there are jokes that have been taken seriously and made into “hacks” Aab dim witted goron ka kya kar sakte hain

    Shums4Shums417 saatler önce
  • Who are you to tell Indians this

    Sadin raj ShresthaSadin raj Shrestha17 saatler önce
  • Have you ever listen a word spoon

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    shikha dwivedishikha dwivedi18 saatler önce
  • 0:58, no one does that in India.. These type of jugaads Americans r doing . If u agree with me make it blue 👇

    Simi kaurSimi kaur18 saatler önce
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  • Its too much, we Indians are not so poor. What you foreigners know about India plz kindly don't point India its not developed but its developing country, u don't need to mention India and how we Indians do we have microwave to warm pizza, and mobile stand so no need to fix on slipper and so on Feeling sorry this foreigners are so poor, may god bless them and make their life little easy

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    Agastya Gharti chhetriAgastya Gharti chhetri21 saatler önce
  • We use spoon for drinking soup not a fork

  • India is the most richest country of all time We do not need a sprit bottle to shower We are not mad to have a phone on our slippers If you think India is the best country hit the like button

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    MinSugageniusjjangjjangmanboong !MinSugageniusjjangjjangmanboong !23 saatler önce
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  • I thought Jugaad would be more about home remedies but this is ssoo IRRELEVANT!!

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