You'll know how to cook stunning gratin meal with pancakes and cheese, how to make stuffed potato with bechamel sauce! Awesome kitchen life hacks will show you how to use a plastic bottle to make a salad or how to separate egg yolk from a white in a few seconds😲:)
Do you know how to use cutting board correctly while you chop vegetables? Want to eat ice cream but your ice cream is too tough, frozen and you can't take it with a spoon? Put an ice cream under warm water and enjoy your yummy dessert🍧! If you don't know how to grab a toast from a toaster because it's too hot than you should take a clothespin - easy! The best advice for coffee lovers☕ - awesome light and airy milk foam for your cappuccino is so easy to make. Take a tea pot and use it to shake milk, and you'll see a stunning result🥛 There's some simple and tasty recipe for special occasion: take potato, meat balls, bechamel and cheese for a gratin meal. Delicious pancakes recipe with eggs, butter, eggs and flour with potato and bacon will delight your loved ones💖
If you love chocolate 🍫 and cakes 🥧 than you should mix them and have a beautiful and tasty dessert. And if you have too much candies just make a colorful candy buffet for your sweets, it will be a great decor idea that will brighten up your place!
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00:10 Food decor with ice and a pan
00:21 Genius tip to use a cutting board
01:03 Use clothespin to hold a hot toast
01:30 Extremely fast and simple salad recipe in a plastic bag
02:04 Separate egg yolk from a white easy
02:41 Awesome milk foam made with a tea pot
03:18 Delicious dinner recipe with potato. meat balls and bechamel sauce
05:31 Yummy gratin recipe with pancakes, bacon and cheese will make you so hungry
06:33 Potato roses 🌹
08:34 How to grow vegetables from kitchen scraps
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