Do you take care of your nails? Remember that you should always take care of your nails and use moisturizing oils and different procedures to make them stronger. Besides, don’t forget to wear dishwashing gloves in the kitchen. We prepared an easy trick to make your nails much healthier. In a bowl, melt some wax using a microwave. Let the wax cool a bit and place your fingers inside for a few seconds and after that place fingers in a bowl with cold water. Repeat during the week and enjoy the result.
We know that you love to try various nail arts and the easiest one is nail stamping. You will need to buy stamping plates, stamper and two your favorite nail polish colors. My favorite nail art is the one with marble print. This awesome and classy design is very popular now because it doesn’t require much effort like graphic designs that are so difficult to make. The next idea is rather surprising but you can use dental floss to make striped manicure design. Simply wrap your finger with dental floss and cover with nail polish you like.
We share a super-useful tool you can make at home! Make a nail polish remover marker that will help you to fix any manicure mistakes in seconds. Check out an easy tutorial: remove the core piece of an old marker and place it into a bowl with water. Wait until the color is gone. Next, soak the core in nail polish remover.
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00:09 Peel-off manicure
00:46 Girly nail art
01:30 Minimalist nail art
02:17 Marble nail art
03:12 Velvet nails
06:41 Nail polish remover marker
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