We love to make various crafts and you this video is full of cool ideas such as homemade lollipops, DIY stylish bowls, polymer clay crafts and also you will be able to learn how to make furniture by your hands! You won’t need to spend a lot of money on supplies!
Stop doing everything and enjoy our easy tutorials:
-You can make lollipops from scratch and spend only 5 minutes! Make a lollipop from Sprite. Take a bowl and pour sprite, add green food coloring and gelatin. Pour the mix into a mold for lollipops and freeze. Enjoy!
-Make a chocolate bowl to serve ice-cream or you can decorate an ice-cream with it. Inflate a balloon and melt chocolate in a bowl. Place a balloon in melted chocolate, put out and let cool.
-Check out how to make a beautiful bowl using PVA glue and lace
-You will be surprised but you can make a cool bowl using cauliflower! Watch the video till the end to find a tutorial
-Turn an old cutting board into a stylish dish rack. You will need a cutting board, pencils, a drill. Take forty pencils and cut them in equal halves. Take a cutting board and drill holes and the distance should be between 3cm or 6 cm. Insert pencils in the board. Cover the rack with any color you like
-You will love the idea of an X-shaped wooden magazine holder that will be a great addition to your interior design. Besides, you can choose any color you like and even create a print. Let’s get creative!
Share these crafting ideas with your friends!
00:09 Chocolate bowls
00:43 Sprite lollipops
03:15 Polymer clay bowl
04:03 How to reuse a cutting board
05:08 DIY Wooden magazine holder
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