These brilliant school hacks will help you keep organized all year long. Moreover, you will find a lot of ideas on how to ease your life during exams. Relax and watch this incredible video.
Cheating is a bad thing but these are some advantages. The process of making of cheat-sheet is the same as making study notes. Besides, creating cheat sheets helps to learn the information by heart. One more benefit is that this process requires a lot of creativity. Watch the video to find out how to cheat using a liner or eraser. You will learn how to cheat on any test using an eraser. First, take an eraser cut a hole. Take a small piece of paper and write down the information you need. After that fold a piece of paper and attach it to the eraser. If you tend to often lose the pen cap, attach yarn to the pen and glue the cap to the other end.
Sometimes when ballpoint pens stored unused for long periods they do not write. All you need is to melt clogged ink using a hairdryer. If there are some stains on your backpack, you can easily create any print on it. All you need to paint spray, duct tape and a sheet of paper. Also, you can use washable markers to create a tie-dye print that is a top trend of this season. Learn an awesome trick on how to change the mark on your worksheet and your teacher won’t see the difference. You will learn different ways to get good marks! If you need a compass, make it using a pen, pencil and binder clip. Watch the full tutorial in our video.
00:09 DIY Rainbow highlighter
00:27 Genius math tricks
00:53 How to cheat during a test
01:50 How to renew your backpack
09:14 DIY Compass
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