This video is full of fun and colorful crafts that you can make with your family! You will learn how to decorate your t-shirt, shoes, cool cement crafts and more!
Cement is cool material and you can make a lot of crafts out of it! And it won’t require much effort. If you want to add something special to your garden or make an awesome planter for succulents, try to make concrete hands. Supplies you will need cement, disposable gloves, and a bowl. Mix cement with water according to the instruction on the package and carefully pour into disposable gloves. Push the cement through the rubber gloves and place them into the bowl. Place hands into the bowl and make a shape you like. Let’ the cement dry and disposable remove gloves. Now it’s time to plant your favorite succulents! Cement is one of the best materials for crafting because you can make also a piece of furniture out of it. Yes, it sounds surprising but we share an easy way to make a cement stool with wooden legs. Take a bucket and pour a concrete mix inside. Once the concrete has settled, place the legs in the bucket. Secure legs with sticky tape to prevent falling down. When the concrete has fully hardened take the stool out of a bucket. Ready!
One more cool idea is concrete letters. Cut cardboard and make a mold, wrap it in tape to avoid a leak. Pour concrete inside and let dry. Remove the mold and use these letters to decorate your home or any special event. Also, you can paint letters in any color you like.
Also, you will find a collection of ideas on how to make cute candle holders. You can use lace to patter the candle holders. Or you can even make pillow-shaped candle holders using a zip-lock plastic bag.
00:09 Apple print
01:46 Make cute pom poms
03:03 Cute candle holders
07:44 Concrete stool
14:03 Polymer clay crafts
17:23 Cool candle idea
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