Perfect eye makeup is a real struggle and you need to know some tips to ease this process. After watching this video you will forget about panda eyes. First of all, you will need to buy a good brush, choose the perfect eyeliner to shade your eye color. You will learn how to line your eyes using a band-aid. Also, you can use bobby pins for perfect eye makeup. Check out an easy tutorial! If you have green eyes, check out the makeup idea and you will achieve a flawless final look. Sometimes it’s really hard to choose a type of eye makeup for a special occasion. In this video, we share cool ideas for a glamorous look, for a casual look and even for festivals.
Make-up lovers around the world upload a lot of lip art photos and if you want to create a unique lip art that looks flawless we are ready to help you. Watch this video and forget about boring lip arts! We prepared a lot of creative lip arts that look stunning! We will show you how to get prepared for the party and create a neon effect, crystals effect, and gradient on your lips. Moreover, you can use these ideas to get prepared for themed parties.
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00:09 How to contour your nose
00:24 Eyeliner tricks
00:54 Makeup for green eyes
02:21 Incredible lipstick ideas
07:41 Leopard print eye makeup
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  • i am running a TRvision channel, i am working very hard all day and night but i not getting the views need few tips

    GenExcite InfoGenExcite Info24 gün önce
  • i am running a TRvision channel, i am working very hard all day and night but i not getting the views need few tips

    GenExcite InfoGenExcite Info24 gün önce
  • i am running a TRvision channel, i am working very hard all day and night but i not getting the views need few tips

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