This time we prepared a collection of ideas that you can make using a rope. Yes, it may sound crazy but you can make a lot of things with rope and even stylish furniture. You will love the idea of inexpensive puff that looks awesome and will be a perfect item for your living room. Follow our easy tutorial on how to make a beautiful and cheap ottoman for your living room: you will need a tire, pieces of plywood and rope. Cut two circles of plywood a bit smaller than the diameter of a tire. Attach pieces of wood using a screwdriver. Use a hot glue gun to secure one end of the rope to the center of the plywood and start coiling. You can cover the rope with any paint you like. One more cool idea is to make a fancy rope summer bag that will be a great addition to your look. You will be surprised but you can even make a rope sun hat by your hands.
Check out one more cool accessory idea - a clutch purse that looks like a slice of watermelon! It’s the best choice for a summer party! The tutorial is very easy and you can create a cool gift for your BFF. Giant knitting has become more popular because it is quite unusual but at the same time very traditional technique. Watch the video and learn how to make a mini blanket.
As a bonus, you will find a great collection of crafts you can make using hot glue gun: cool eyeglasses for a photo session, cheap cake toppers, fancy earrings and cute crystals made from hot glue sticks.
Don’t forget to share these ideas with your friends and share the results with us.
00:09 Rope crafts
00:22 DIY Ottoman
01:05 Fancy summer bag
04:37 Knitting tutorials
08:26 Hot glue crafts
09:47 T-shirt with scales print
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