Hello, girls! Check out a new collection of beauty ideas that will change your life:
-You can add volume to your lips using lash glue. You will be surprised by this tutorial
-Check out a cool idea that ill help you save your makeup while you are in douche
-You can use earrings instead of buttons. Besides, it’s a cool way to resize your jeans
-Use powder to add volume to your eyelashes
-You will love the idea of how to shorten your belt
-If a clasp on your shoes has broken, you can solve this problem using a scarf
-Use mascara brush to style your brows
-We will show you how to curl your hair super fast using creative ways using plastic bottles and plastic cups
-Use a comb to remove pills from your favorite sweater
-Chapped lips are a very annoying and common problem when it’s cold outside. That’s why you should exfoliate your lips from time to time and always use lip balm to moisturize your lips. We share the easiest way to exfoliate your lips using sticky tape
- Remove underarm hair using out the cool recipe: mix coffee, lemon juice, and toothpaste
-Flat irons become dirty after long use and you should clean it from time to time. If your flat iron is dirty, clean it very quickly with Coke and towel. Yes, it’s not a joke, you will find a tutorial in the video
-If you are out of a nail polish remover, you can replace it with lemon juice. Place fingers in warm water with soap and after that remove nail polish with lemon juice

00:31 Lifehack with earrings
01:43 Lifehack for a windy day
03:34 Creative ways to curl your hair
06:35 How to exfoliate your lips
10:34 How to clean a flat iron
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  • Who wears makeup in the shower?

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  • 8:25 Yeah. Use WASHABLE markers for hair dye

    Potaty LadyPotaty LadyGün önce
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  • The markers literally say washable so it would wash right out since they are made to wash away and you have better luck trying to color your hair with a sharpie even then that usually never works especially not that vibrant

    S AS A2 gün önce
  • 6:38 We don't wanna see your lips with glue on it

    Gacha PotatoesGacha Potatoes2 gün önce
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  • m8 just get a hair curler

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  • (7:55) 5 minute crafts: Have you ever gotten marker on your weave Well here is a simple hack just take the marker apart and make dye out of it Me: Dang it marker in my weave **takes it off and buys a new one** (I don’t wear weaves but I think this is how it would go for me)

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