Check out crazy food facts everybody should know:
- Always wash apples before eating as they are covered with wax to keep fresh for a long time
- Few drops of iodine will define if the mayonnaise you bought is natural. Also, this experiment works with cottage cheese
- Check out the tutorial on how to understand if the honey is natural
- There is a simple way how to distinguish butter from margarine - pour hot water into a glass and place a piece of butter. As high-quality butter is made from cream or milk it will melt in water
- Pour Fanta into a cup and put a white napkin inside and stir. Coloring will be transferred to the white napkin. Remember that soda is full of coloring and chemicals
- Add salt to the milk and it will last longer in the fridge
- Let’s make black ice-cream together to amaze your family and guests. Take a bowl, Add heavy cream, sugar and activated charcoal to a large bowl. Beat mixture and add dry rice. And mix again
- Put strawberry into bleach and the red color will disappear. But don’t eat these strawberries
- Check out secrets that use food photographers to make perfect photos of fast food
We share with you a crazy recipe of fake caviar of you can call it vegan caviar. You can use it to decorate different dishes and even cakes. This idea is really easy to make. Take a pan and pour water into it, add sriracha and agar-agar and mix these ingredients. Simmer agar-agar and sriracha for two minutes. Take a tall glass and pour vegetable oil, put into the fridge and let cool. When the vegetable oil is cold, take a syringe and squeeze out spheres of the hot mixture into the cold oil. You will see bead shapes appearing that will sink to the bottom of the glass. To separate the oil from pearls wash them with some water.
00:10 Always wash apples
01:37 How to check if your honey is natural
04:00 How to store food and leftovers
06:51 Homemade black ice cream
10:37 Beautiful food carving ideas
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