01:35 How to cut bang
01:51 Curls for your Barbie
02:52 How to dye barbie`s hair
04:10 Halloween hairdo for your barbie
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  • ok no offence to anyone who loves these hacks, but I am a pro at making and the customization of dolls, and would just like to say that I am severely disappointed in theses hacks. The reason for this loooonnnng comment is not because I hate the channel, but for the reason that they have (probably) not seen other doll making youtubers, many of use who make dolls and have a channel (not me, I don't have a channel) give out great advice for others who are making dolls them selves. for that matter go check out "dollightful" and some of her other doll making friends because there amazing at this kind of stuff. I'm not trying to be mean to this channel, its just I'm disappointed. again sorry for the loooooooong comment.

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