We have found a lot of crazy hair and beauty hacks that actually work! These jaw-dropping ideas will change your beauty routine completely. Besides, you will have a lot of time for entertainment!
The first idea is really cool - you can dye your hair using eyeshadows. Choose bright colors and watch our video. Have you ever tried to dye your hair using washable markers? Firstly, choose a couple of colors. I love pink, purple and blue colors. Remove the ink tube from a marker. Next, dip the tube into the water for several minutes. Remove the submerged tube from water and blow the ink out of the tube into a container. Mix the ink with a hair conditioner. Wearing disposable gloves apply the dye on your hair. Wait a bit and wash.
One more insane way to dye your hair is to make a hair dye from cheap ingredients: aloe vera gel with charcoal, flaxseed and hot water. This hair dye works perfectly if you are a blond girl but what to change your color and become a brunette. If your blonde hair became yellow, try the next recipe: boil basil leaves for 20 minutes, add shampoo and properly stir. Apply this mixture for 30 minutes. Also, you will find the best recipe of charcoal peel-off mask made from PVA glue and charcoal.
As a bonus, you will find lots of hairstyles that will ease your life. We share various hairstyles for any occasion.
00:16 Crazy way to dye your hair
02:45 Cool braided hairstyle
04:35 Charcoal hair dye
05:30 Charcoal mask for blackheads
13:23 Beautiful braided hairstyle
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