If you have a couple of eggs in the fridge, you will love this video full of easy recipes. Eggs are one of the most popular meals all over the world. There are various dishes made from eggs, it could be traditional cuisine or new quick recipes that everybody can prepare at home. Moreover, eggs could be called superfood as they contain a lot of nutrients that make eggs a super health product.
Check out the best recipes you can prepare using eggs:
- Use empty orange to bake eggs. This recipe might look crazy but it’s really delicious
- You will find a couple of surprising omelet recipes
- Try to bake eggs in avocado. This not only an easy recipe but also a healthy breakfast to start your day right. Cut avocado and arrange halves in a baking tray. Carefully separate yolks using a plastic bottle and gently put 1 egg yolk into every avocado half. Season each filled avocado with paprika, dried bacon, ham, parsley or cheese and bake for 30 minutes.
- Use a drinking straw for perfect egg decoration for your kids. Also, you can use dental floss, watch our full tutorial
- Remove tiny eggshells with a big piece of eggshell. The next time you crack an egg and there's a tiny piece of shell at the bottom, remove it quickly and efficiently with a bigger piece of the eggshell
- Cook egg sandwich using a plastic bag. Take a plastic bag and mix eggs, mustard, and spices in it
- Check out how to cook perfect noodles
- One more cook breakfast idea - place bell pepper ring in a frying pan. Crack an egg into bell pepper ring and fry for a couple of minutes
- If you are a healthy eater and avoid fat, cook an omelet in a plastic bag. Mix all the ingredients in a bag and boil it

02:29 Delicious omelet recipe
02:55 Baked eggs in avocado
07:26 Egg decoration idea
09:00 Egg roll
10:23 Quick egg sandwich
11:48 Freeze eggs

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