Do not hesitate and watch this video and you will find a lot of household ideas you haven’t seen before. Replace broken or clogged showerhead with a plastic bottle. Check out our cool tutorial! Do you usually drop your phone? You will find out how to avoid this terrible situation. You can make an inexpensive and quick holder for your tablet using kitchen hooks. You can use this holder in the bathroom or toilet. Watch an easy tutorial! If your colleagues or friends do not close the toilet door, we know how to solve this problem and make a door closer in 5 minutes! You will need the following supplies: rope, two-door hooks, and a plastic bottle. Attach the first hook to the door corner and the second one to the door frame near. Attach the rope to the hook on the door and put it from the first hook to the second one and attach the end of the rope to the plastic bottle that should hang. If the toilet is extremely dirty, you should use vinegar to clean it. Pour vinegar into a water tank and flush. It’s the best way to keep your toilet always clean. Moreover, you can easily clean toilet rust using pumice rock. You can turn your old towel into a DIY Towel wrap only in 5 minutes. Do not throw away your old t-shirt as you can make a cute bathroom mat by your hands.
As a bonus, find out a cool collection of magic tricks for a boring evening!
00:09 Broken showerhead?
04:41 Restroom hacks and tips
05:43 DIY Door closer
10:43 Magic tricks revealed
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