Today we share a hilarious video about annoying moments everybody can relate to and fun ways to solve small problems. Check out a cool way to sleep at work, especially if your boss always check what you are doing. You can quickly dry wet shoes. Place them in a car if it’s very how outside. We share an incredible way to clean a dirty sink using a spoon. I bet you will be surprised by this hack. Moreover, you will find a funny selection of ideas that will make you laugh for the whole day. You can prank your friends easily. Take an empty stick deodorant container and clean it properly. Place inside mashed avocados and place them in the fridge. Start eating deodorant in front of your friends and check out his reaction!
The next collection of ideas will help you to solve annoying problems like what to do with clogged showerhead, how to warm up your pizza using and iron, how to get rid of mosquitos and a lot more. Use pants and fans to cool down your room. Yes. it’s not a joke! If you don't have a power bank with you, charge your phone using a DIY portable charger made out of a car charger and 9V battery. One more crazy idea is to make a phone holder from flip flops. If you don’t have a spoon, you can turn a plastic cup into an emergency spoon. Check out a brilliant collection of lifehacks on how to reuse old toothbrushes: you can use a toothbrush to clean a toilet, to make kitchen hooks, replace old mascara brush with a toothbrush.
00:09 Hilarious lifehacks
00:35 Cool artwork idea
03:09 How to prank your friends
11:34 How to open a wine bottle
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    CodeName F1am3CodeName F1am36 saatler önce
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  • This is troll on another level

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  • Who came here from the Instagram spoon meme

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  • At 2:02 and on who puts sauce in a book and who TF hammers down another side of a spoon you know there's something called Turing a spoon onto its other side MAGIC YOU CAN EAT I swear you's are from Area 51

    •Dinosaur• //•Dinosaur• //2 gün önce
  • Este video es la prueba de que la humanidad se está yendo a la mierda

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  • 9:35 "Let me Waste your time Follow me" Perfect Example of this video

    Suicide - HawkeyeSuicide - Hawkeye2 gün önce
  • 9:44 is so accurate of the point of this video (hear the song)

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  • 5:55 oh yeah shaving, I think that’s a great life hack that no one knew about

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  • I'm gonna have to say this is 100\100 fakeness

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  • 1:25 was smart at least

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    Bro IndianoBro Indiano5 gün önce
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  • 7:12 first you try to it a cereal with a scoop that is turned upside down, and then try to eat a soup with a ducking FORK?!

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