00:07 How to DYE hair naturally
00:57 How to curl hair
01:26 Beautiful hairstyle for a party
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  • This is permanent

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  • does 00:07 actually work

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  • Does 1st hack worked?

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  • Is the beetroot juice temporary? Please give me a answer.🙏

    Mario ToçiMario ToçiYıl önce
    • idk

      Awesta LilysinghAwesta Lilysingh9 aylar önce
  • I just tried the beetroot hair and I was thinking that it will be real, but when I washed all the red beet juice was scattered, and all your videos arent real, you just lie millions of people . So disappointed !

    Grls PowerGrls PowerYıl önce
  • My hair is black, I tried that beetroot juice, it does not work!!!!

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  • can u say some hacks to straighten your hair without straightener

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  • how to do chocolate

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    • I tried with Coconut oil

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  • Anyone actually tried these? If so did they work?

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