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Thanks to World of Warships for sponsoring this video and enabling us to build this epic electromagnetic coilgun!
Last time they helped us build an electromagnetic railgun -- now we're making an even more complicated one -- using coilgun principles! Plus, might as well test it against Thanos.
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► Skylar Girard
Produced by Hacksmith Entertainment © 2019
Directed by James “the Hacksmith” Hobson




  • bro he spent $2088 on the electronics alone

    Dragon Brick PicturesDragon Brick Pictures12 saatler önce
  • Use a smaller projectile so there's much more speed

    Brandon RemillardBrandon Remillard13 saatler önce
  • That’s awesome!!! Where can I buy one

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  • Make a weapon of brawl stars

  • We need the coil timing profiles, stat!

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  • Why does the projectiles go sideways though? I really want to know that

    Mr. LTHorseyMr. LTHorsey2 gün önce
  • I think marble gun here in the Philippines is way more stronger than that.

    Fredderic AlcosabaFredderic Alcosaba2 gün önce
  • Lol 😃

    olfukkBoi747olfukkBoi7473 gün önce
  • You guys need to shot steel ball bearings instead.

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  • pfft freedom units get real, america needs to get with the times only 3 countries still use the asinine imperial system

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  • You are the best

    Joshua CarlosJoshua Carlos4 gün önce
  • I make weapons at home but not as smart as this i can only make a crossbow out of cardboard and tape with a rubber band

    Strawberry JuiceStrawberry Juice4 gün önce
  • You guys should make saboted fin stabilised rounds for it, that’d make it more accurate, and would reduce drag from the round tumbling mid flight (thus making the MASSIVE SCOPE necessary), who knows, maybe it might even hit 50m!

    Angus CameronAngus Cameron4 gün önce
  • Gotta love how they put a rifle scope on a weapon that can only reach about 15-20m

    Angus CameronAngus Cameron4 gün önce
  • I don't have a TRvision channel yet but my TRvision channel is going to be Connor industries

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  • No joke!

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  • I no how to live again and time travel in real life

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  • Can you make a black banther suit

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  • What about making a properly sized buttstock so you aren't so hunched over? Also, I see people mentioning spherical slugs, but what about a sharp cylinder with fins on the back? I remember some early rocket designs had those to generate spin without having fins on the outside of the bullet. Also, what about instead of rifling the barrel, rifling the bullet, It might not do much, but it could give some spin.

    Simon WeizmanSimon Weizman6 gün önce
  • Wow a hot dude who can design circuit boards and work with high voltage electronics. I like him.

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  • you can tahnos gulat

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  • Put groves in the barrel to straighten the shot.

    Anthony Posada JrAnthony Posada Jr7 gün önce
  • why did u use a mosfet? A thyristor would have suited perfectly

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  • Mak e predator gun

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  • Nobody: Literally nobody: Hacksmith: *puts their coilgun on a random ship* World of warships legends: This... does put a smile on my face.

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  • did you guys know that you can automatically wind coils with a pretty simple machine back in 2016?

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  • the ammunition is cheap, the propellant is not

    S.S RADONS.S RADON9 gün önce
  • You should upgrade it to make it go really fast by using more powerful coils or voltage and using round ammunition, you should also test random pieces of scrap metal to shoot.

    Shadow AssassinShadow Assassin9 gün önce
  • Oh man you built something I dreamt of building on my own. Now I realise how difficult it would be to make it successful

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  • make a pistol version of this

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  • definitely make better in future video

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  • Lets be honest nobody had clue what the fuck he was talking about we just wanted to see destruction

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  • Now imagine if you added metal fletchings, and a grinded tip.

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  • Can you make us weapons for the great area 51 raid

    slayer 9slayer 910 gün önce
  • can't help but think something like this would work best with an analogue switch, literally just shuts down the moment it's at neutral force application on the projectile...that might be bias from thinking about these things on and off since waaaaaay back when I was a wee tot playing around with magnets with my grandpa but even thinking it over as best I can it's hard to get over the fundamental design principal of less points of failure being better.

    EvernewbEvernewb11 gün önce
  • HackSmith v.s Thanos

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  • The parts cost $2,088!

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  • 15:43 “Should’ve gone for the head”

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  • Was hopping it was going to shoot arc lightning, very disappointed. Nice bb gun though.

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  • What software do you use to create those circuits

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  • (First Date) She : where do u wanna go?? Hacksmith : say hello to my little friend

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  • Hybrid rail\coil gun!

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  • Make the coil have heat to it

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  • It's a shame you guys are so limited by laws in Canada. It would be awesome to see what you guys could do.

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  • 2 kilometers per seco- Oop- sorry, I meant *1.25 GOD BLESSED AMERICAN MILES*

    DimiglioDimiglio12 gün önce
  • It’s not very powerful

    Maxwell VindmanMaxwell Vindman12 gün önce
  • You should probably use projectiles at most half the size of each coil, as soon as the front of that projectile hits the center of the coil, it is working against itself and losing its speed. I want to see this gun recalibrated for half the weight and length of the projectile. It should increase the efficiency of the gun! Also, instead of using light sensors I wonder how well a prediction algorithm would do at predicting how fast the bullet will go using calculations to estimate the projectiles velocity and acceleration! Alternatively , as a kind of calibration for the gun, instead of using light sensors (too reduce cost) use the coils to detect the current produced by the coil as soon as the projectile begins to go pass through the next coil! As soon as you detect the current, turn that sucker on! Maybe some kind of switch? When the switch turns on it should be recorded when the switch is triggered. Programmatically you can make the switches auto trigger right before the initial calibrated trigger times, and keep doing that as the acceleration of the projectile increases slightly to set the perfect moment for each trigger! As an upgrade to the gun, you should introduce large capacitors that discharge very quickly into the coils instead of connecting the power directly. This could create a sort of “overdrive” that when you need an extra boost, will slowly charge the capacitors and then once the light turns green let’s off a huge burst of power more quickly than the battery pack could. Also... instead of the ship... make that the battery compartment holder! Hahaha.

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