5G is getting a lot of hype right now... so I had to see for myself!
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    Marques BrownleeMarques Brownlee10 aylar önce
    • I think it's terrible the world will be screwed even more than it is now anyways 4g is enough 5g is just too far in my opinion

      J0nnJ0nn15 gün önce
    • did u hear about THE INTERNET?

      wOwOAylar önce
    • Can't u just put them on drones that follow on request and are charged by solar ?

      xPixey ;:DxPixey ;:DAylar önce
    • from being fried by emf's

      lemonlimelukeylemonlimelukeyAylar önce
    • It's a lot of work and money to build out 5g. Not just the nodes but the fiber optics feeding them takes time and money with local isp's competing for the bid to get the fiber build outs for these micro cells

      peter adamspeter adams2 aylar önce
  • Combined with chemtrails sprayed in the atmosfear it can depopulate the earth. With heavy metals injected in the blood it will be even more effective.

    MrMr12 dakika önce
  • Useless. unless you have an urgent need for speed.

    ArmasyaArmasyaSaatler önce
  • people will need more storage for *Study folder*!

    Dheeraj wareDheeraj wareSaatler önce
  • who else noticed the injury close to his elbow?

    Chukwumaijem Adnah EzeChukwumaijem Adnah Eze3 saatler önce
  • I think people are only concerned about speed when it comes to 5G but its not only that. 4G, 5G ==== Highway Internet Plan === Your Car Bandwidth/Speed ==== Your Car Top Speed So even though your car can hit 1Gb per second, it does not matter when there is traffic jam. Your request/response time with the server will be terrible. So with 5G they are also trying to make the highway so big that many concurrent vehicles can just travel in consistent speed without getting into the traffic jam. To give you an example, Think about the in game pings you have on multiplayer games, Although you have pretty good bandwidth, you suffer bad ping if you are far from the game server, No matter what top speed your car has, You won't be getting from your home --> server --> home any faster.

    themightysapienthemightysapien5 saatler önce
  • I'm waiting till T-Mobile 5G is better before I get a 5G phone.

    Stay Home!!Stay Home!!6 saatler önce
  • cant wait for 50G and even 500G

    RedPanda_13RedPanda_1310 saatler önce
  • Expert Review 💞🤗

    Shoaib AliShoaib Ali14 saatler önce
  • What would mobile providers be saying in the future? Unlimited texts, unlimited calls, and unlimited data? I'm excited.

    some dudesome dude14 saatler önce
  • I don't know how it sounds But.... ... ... .. ... ... Because of being a kashmiri I m watching this vedio at 2G speed..GOD help us...

    Waleed MohsinWaleed Mohsin21 saatler önce
  • 5G is speed less i can't what to used 5G network because the hype is too much

    Adeyemi FakeyeAdeyemi FakeyeGün önce
  • what happened to your right-hand elbow? did you got injured somehow?

    Soumik SethSoumik SethGün önce
  • Thank you for the explanation, but I'm still missing a point. What is the point of 5G? Yes, it's great to have a ludicrously fast connection, but....do you really need it? Let me explain: Most of us, use connectivity to read email, use social networks, watch videos, chat, read news and other stuff on the internet. To do all of this, the 4G network proved to be more than enough. The only real noticeable advantage of the 5G is when one has to download a (relatively) large file or is a gamer. While the former can be an extremely useful feature , the latter is kinda detrimental. Why would one go outside to play a video game instead of doing it in the comfort of his own house (Or the house of friend)? Seriously: What is the point of going to a pub, sit down in a corner and vegetate for hours?

    Awful TruthAwful TruthGün önce
  • Your 4g upload speed is faster than my home fibre optic broadband download speed. Great.

    C WC WGün önce
  • I love the first clip.

  • In my country India its govt. Carrier BSNL just got 4g..... My country will get 5g when usa gets 7g

    Hridhayesh RangarajHridhayesh RangarajGün önce
  • Him at 5G or His internet: 2.1K mbps/ internet 60mbps Me: having no 5G, but internet : 2 mbps

    Simply lostSimply lostGün önce
  • Brother, 5G is a toxic frequency to living tissue; straight up deadly. The dangers and cons of 5G are extremely serious. We really need to stop this from happening. It kills life forms. Microwaves don’t come out of the microwave because of the glass and box they’re semi contained in. If they weren’t they damage living tissue too. Please, keep your humanity?

    Kolea Erin KellyKolea Erin KellyGün önce
    • @Bum Bac Exactly, and because one 5G tower only affects such a small area, it uses less energy than even 4G.

      Stef MytStef Myt18 saatler önce
    • Sun light has 20000 times more energy then the strongest 5G tower produces and it is harmless, those 5G waves are far from dangerous.

      Bum BacBum Bac18 saatler önce
    • Simply not true. 5G is just not dangerous. Since it uses higher frequencies, and has a smaller radius, it uses less energy, which makes it even less dangerous than 4G.

      Stef MytStef MytGün önce
  • Anyone else spotted the sore near his elbow? Or was that just me? Hope your arm gets better soon. What happened?

    Jaylen OlivacceJaylen OlivacceGün önce
  • Marq: Getting 1,500+ mbps speed on 5G Me: getting 3mbps... on 5G

    FrankYzFrankYzGün önce

    Vito LeskurVito LeskurGün önce
    • How the hell do you think that a Wireless network is capable of transmitting a virus? It makes no sense.

      Stef MytStef MytGün önce
  • Wait, in your country has 5G? UNBELIEVABLE.... Sadly, In Indonesia still not come true this fastest network ever... Hopefully, In Indonesia will come true this fastest network....

    Adin ChandraAdin ChandraGün önce
  • You are a great TRvisionr. Love your vids content and how you deliver the info. Please keep the good work and thanks for the video.

    Anonymous BrowserAnonymous BrowserGün önce
  • hopefully by 2025 we will have secure and affordable 5G..

    Sushant RathorSushant Rathor2 gün önce
  • I've been saying this since they said 5g was going to roll out. 5g is a flawed technology. It won't work...

    aCID sPAZaCID sPAZ2 gün önce
  • 07:25 ........... what happened to marques' arm?

    Aaryan SharmaAaryan Sharma2 gün önce
  • that intro is so fake

    HugoTech SolutionsHugoTech Solutions2 gün önce
  • Does anyone know when UK will get properly working 4g?

    Vaidas SkanasVaidas Skanas3 gün önce
  • Time to get out the city!!

    Y Do u kare?Y Do u kare?3 gün önce
    • Why?

      Stef MytStef MytGün önce
  • A little more and the buildings from city will colapse from so much G Antenas

    Nu Te Insela SingurNu Te Insela Singur3 gün önce
  • I find it funny that people complain about Apple not putting out a 5G phone yet. 5G sounds great on paper...but its just not there, so why spend the money to put in a 5G modem in a phone when its really not truly ready for everyone to take advantage of.

    Ethan CorsbieEthan Corsbie3 gün önce
  • 6G then 7G then Death. This is when it will stop when we are all dead. Sperm and eggs won't work.

    AL DAL D3 gün önce
    • @Stef Myt I don't need proof. Freedom of speech. If I'm correct I'm correct. If I'm wrong I'm wrong. Get over it.

      AL DAL DGün önce
    • @AL D Unless you provide proof, your statements are meaningless. You make an argument, you have the burden of proof.

      Stef MytStef MytGün önce
    • @Stef Myt Time will tell.

      AL DAL DGün önce
    • Simply not true. Those frequencies are not dangerous to humans. And because they have a smaller radius than 4G, they consume less energy, making them less dangerous than even 4G.

      Stef MytStef MytGün önce
    • AL D interesting claim with no source

      Fresh guacFresh guac2 gün önce
  • They’re going to turn the towers on in October and it’s going to cause the Atoms in oxygen to spin and will suffocate ppl.. then they’ll blame it on Corona.. this is coming from a higher source.. STAY WOKE PPL .

    I have a small penis butI have a small penis but3 gün önce
    • @I have a small penis but I study chemistry, what you've described is not a phenomenon, quantum mechanic does, from my meager knowledge, NOT describe what you've just said. Furthermore, if you knew what you were talking about you'd use the energy of the individual photons, as in the frequency times plancks constant, and not a laymans unit which barely makes any sense in this context like milliwatts per centimeter

      Fresh guacFresh guac16 saatler önce
    • Fresh guac stay in school kid you obviously don’t know how radiation works

      I have a small penis butI have a small penis but17 saatler önce
    • @I have a small penis but Interesting conjecture, however you have no source at all so it's still conjecture. Why would oxygen spin when electromagnetic waves hit it? Can you show that? Can you prove it? Why would oxygen spinning be dangerous? Can you prove that? Can you show it? You can't

      Fresh guacFresh guac20 saatler önce
    • Fresh guac read the comment I just posted I explain how the radiation will affect the oxygen

      I have a small penis butI have a small penis but20 saatler önce
    • Stef Myt ok let me give you a little lesson.. when a microwave is being used it’s releasing radiation at 6 milliwatt per centimeter squared.. which is why they tell you not to stand infront of a microwave when using it or you can develop cancer.. when you use your “smartphone” it releases radiation at 8 milliwatts per centimeter squared.. so anytime you make a call your literally putting radiation to your head.. if you don’t believe me I have proof on this. Now these 5G towers haven’t even been turned on yet.. once they’re on who knows how much radiation it will release .. but I’m assuming way more than cellphones and microwaves. The radiation will affect the oxygen and literally kill you .

      I have a small penis butI have a small penis but20 saatler önce
  • it's better to use 4g on a 5g phone. maybe when 6g comes we'll use 5g :D

    Sangriento HimuSangriento Himu3 gün önce
  • ME; HOLY COW, 5G after this... imma stick to ADSL :) JJ ;)

    Pevin PereraPevin Perera3 gün önce
  • We don't need 5G at the moment. Its gonna be expensive anyways.

    Shady CoderShady Coder4 gün önce
  • Doesn't MKBHD have a Galsxy S20 5G? Why buy a new phone that's compatible with 5G when he already has one?

    Franco BarreraFranco Barrera4 gün önce
    • The video was filmed before the S20 came out.

      Stef MytStef MytGün önce
  • We already good

    M.o aka SADSUNM.o aka SADSUN4 gün önce
  • The higher the frequency.. the more it’s gone kill

    M.o aka SADSUNM.o aka SADSUN4 gün önce
    • No, that's not how wavelengths work. 5G uses less energy, making it less dangerous.

      Stef MytStef MytGün önce
  • Because everytime some new comes out, they make you get the new, by slowing down the other one..

    M.o aka SADSUNM.o aka SADSUN4 gün önce
  • Y’all gone die so badly.. it’s gone catch more bodies then drugs, more than anything

    M.o aka SADSUNM.o aka SADSUN4 gün önce
  • 7:27 you have a burn

  • Thank you for the explanation !

    Connect With JebbaConnect With Jebba4 gün önce
  • Where my 3g gang at ?

    Joey RossJoey Ross4 gün önce
  • Our wifi has 100mbps up and down speed.

    Jockey JarusJockey Jarus5 gün önce
  • Starting was really amazing marques 👌👌

  • Imperial Democracy-Small groups of business elites control governance direct democracy(democracy with a small d)-Democratically elected governance controls business and economic activity Representative Democracy-Clear separation between governance and business/economic activity. Government has no business being involved in business. Business has no business legislating and regulating the protection of staff, associates,consumers, and neighboring people from fraud and physical harm. That is the solely the responsibility of the three branches of government. Currently the Federal Communication Commission has outsourced the testing of 5G to industry "experts". This is totally unacceptable as it is corrupt and dysfunctional. 5G MUST BE OPPOSED AND NOT ALLOWED TO BE DEPLOYED. IF BOXES ARE CURRENTLY INSTALLED,THEY MUST BE TAKEN DOWN IMMEDIATELY!

    Harsha SankarHarsha Sankar5 gün önce
    • Stop with your idiotic propaguanda, 5G doesn't kill.

      Stef MytStef MytGün önce
    • Ok boomer

      Mordecai MengesteabMordecai Mengesteab4 gün önce
  • Wifi at home is still better.

    PUBG XtrEmEPUBG XtrEmE5 gün önce
  • me sitting here with my 3g iphone 8...

    Ryan MajorRyan Major5 gün önce
  • Very informational. Thanks!

    Kalel PerezKalel Perez5 gün önce
  • What the hell happened to your arm!??

    Evelyn ProudEvelyn Proud5 gün önce
  • 7:25 what happened to your hand?!

    Foysal :3Foysal :35 gün önce
  • The thing about the microwave is actually wrong. The physical thing is that the microwave has a eletromagnect chamber that doesn't allow the waves to go trough the metal plates and the "glass". On the front you has this grill that works to, because his holes are never to big for the lang of the eletromagnect wave. That is why you should never drill a hole on it and you shouldn't use too old microwaves because probably has some. The physical concept is called Faraday Cage. And the real reason of those frequencies not going to far is because the higher is his value, more energy you would spend to produce a bright spot. And a good exemple for that is thinking of why blue laser are soo powerfull and the red ones aren't. Apologies for my english. I'm not a native speaker.

    Mosquito MustaxiMosquito Mustaxi5 gün önce
    • Well said

      Kolea Erin KellyKolea Erin KellyGün önce
    • your english is pretty good 👍 but in english you usually don't need to label a non-living object as "him" or any gender, you can say "it" or "it's" i hope i don't come off as rude i'm just trying to help you out a bit, and thanks for the explanantion

      ROTA CROTA C2 gün önce
  • 5G will help you to Download your conspiracy theories faster 🤫

    Why are you reading that?Why are you reading that?6 gün önce
  • Nice Intro 😂

    Aj UzumakiAj Uzumaki6 gün önce
  • 5G made my foreskin fall off

    Gibbet HoskinsGibbet Hoskins6 gün önce
    • Damn, that sucks.

      Stef MytStef MytGün önce
    • I’m sorry for your loss

      reepreep3 gün önce
    • sure it did

      stk piercingisstk piercingis4 gün önce
  • So I’m really confused... I really don’t see the hype with 5G on phones, I can do everything I want to do on 4G so what will it do different / better? I thought the whole point of 5G was for IoT and fully automated cars???

    Matthew SmithMatthew Smith6 gün önce
  • i have 5G its really good when your near it but its God Damn useless when you're not

    Gaming DinosaurGaming Dinosaur6 gün önce
    • @Kolea Erin Kelly It's not. Do you have any proof for that?

      Stef MytStef MytGün önce
    • And it’s toxic to living tissue; extremely dangerous

      Kolea Erin KellyKolea Erin KellyGün önce
  • my wifi only have 250 mbps down and 20 mbps up

    ًً6 gün önce
  • 5G travels just as far as any other wave length, only difference is that data integrity degrades much faster and at much shorter distances as the high frequency waves are less stable over the long distance.

    KilgoreOnDrugsKilgoreOnDrugs6 gün önce
  • 7:26 did someone notice the elbow

    Kshitij AgarwalKshitij Agarwal6 gün önce
  • Joe biden and the chairman of china met with inter dimensional space demons and werewolves to discuss 5G and how to cover it up with a big story about coronavirus

    Reckless MenaceReckless Menace6 gün önce
  • 4:04 That’s paint ...right?

    D SD S6 gün önce
  • ATT & ccp Lying 🤥 there way to your heart and wallet

    meowmeowmeowmeow7 gün önce
  • U phone works just as fast....

    zitagirlzitagirl7 gün önce
  • No lie, I just got new wifi and i was so gassed that it was doing 5mg per second.

    Sirzechs QuasarSirzechs Quasar7 gün önce
    • "5mg"

      reepreep3 gün önce
  • Go thank South Korea. They invented it first.

    • They had fucked all the world.

      Nishant PatarNishant PatarGün önce
  • 开局邢酒肉?

    so soso so7 gün önce
  • It's interesting how he skipped the whole bit about the danger of high frequency radiation possibly altering your DNA...but thats OK he got a big paycheck no doubt

    p hamvasp hamvas7 gün önce
    • 5G is not dangerous. Just because it has a different wavelength doesn't mean it's dangerous. Because it has a lower radius it uses less energy, making it even less dangerous than 4G.

      Stef MytStef MytGün önce
    • You are soo funny😂😂😂😂

      Lemon CreamLemon Cream6 gün önce
    • True..

      p hamvasp hamvas6 gün önce
    • I think 4G altered your DNA already.

      Gary PranzoGary Pranzo7 gün önce
5G: Explained!