7 Genius Life Hacks Put To The Ultimate Test - Orbeez Pool Obstacles & How To Survive for 24 Hours

Learn how to make 7 genius life hacks and put them to the ultimate test to see who will survive in a giant, real life orbeez pool backyard obstacles challenge for 24 hours! You will finally answer the question everyone wants to know… Do life hacks actually work?? You won’t believe these shocking results! Last time, brothers (not twins) the key bros competed in a do it yourself candy making competition filled with gummy food vs real food, fake foods, and tasty edible ice cream. Today there is an insane wipeout style obstacle course where the floor is over 1 Million Orbeez instead of hot lava, there are impossible Dude Perfect level trick shots you don’t want to miss, a TikTok art challenge on an Avengers Captain America quality shield, a homemade squishy tutorial, watermelon hacks, amazing science experiments, and even a few pranks. Trying and testing the craziest hacks is so hilarious you will want to see your friends react! It’s another awesome and amazing viral video in this satisfying comedy entertainment and easy tutorial life hack and prank compilation series.
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  • How many Orbeez do you think we used??

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    • 500000000000000000:0

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    • 4mil

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  • Collins is like still a child inside he is a giant baby XD

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    • Ummm That's not even funny. It is to make his channel funny. Also why did you comment this 2 times

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  • Collins is like still a child inside he is a giant baby XD

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7 Genius Life Hacks Put To The Ultimate Test - Orbeez Pool Obstacles & How To Survive for 24 Hours