This origami dollar bill butterfly is called a Money Twist Tie Butterfly because it requires something to tie the two pieces together: something like a twist tie or floral wire. It uses two $1 bills and a twist tie.
A twist tie is a thin metal covered with paper or plastic. It is flexible and is often used to keep bags closed. You can also use a pipe cleaner or an elastic band. Anything flexible and can fasten things together would work!
1. Start with a crisp dollar bill with the black-side facing up.
Fold & unfold the dollar bill in half.
Fold & unfold each section to divide the dollar bill into quarters.
2. Fold & unfold the sections so the dollar bill is divided into eighths.
3. Fold & unfold each section so the dollar bill is divided into 16ths.
4. Turn over the dollar bill.
5. Fold & unfold each section in half so the dollar bill is divided into 32 sections.
6. Compress the dollar bill so it collapses along the creases made above.
Set aside and work on the other dollar bill.
7. Start with a crisp dollar bill with the green-side facing up.
Fold up the bottom-left and bottom-right corners of the dollar bill.
8. Fold & unfold the model in half.
Fold & unfold the two sections in half to divide the dollar bill into quarters.
Turn the model over.
9. Fold & unfold each section in half so the dollar bill is divided into 8ths.
10. Compress the dollar bill so it collapses along the creases made above.
11. Place the two bills one above the other.
12. Use a twist tie or a similar device to fasten the two dollar bills together.
Be careful to align the components so the butterfly is symmetrical.
13. Cut the twist tie to even lengths. Twirl the ends of the twist tie. Flare open the wings. Money twist tie butterfly is done!
The lower butterfly shows the green-side of the dollar bills. This can be achieved by flipping the dollar bills over at the start:
- green-side facing up for upper wings, and
- black-side facing up for lower wings.

"Orange Is the New Black," based on Piper Kerman's experiences in prison, showcases quite a few tricks for female inmates, such as using maxi pads to clean your cell, as makeshift slippers or as a surgical mask.
Some of the more interesting tricks are beauty-related (and saved, perhaps, for those prison visits): use Kool-Aid as a temporary hair dye or, mixed with Vaseline, as lipstick; coffee as eyeshade or a face mask; toilet rolls as hair curlers; colored pencils as eyeliner (ouch!).
According to former inmate experiences, you can make prison toast by wrapping a slice of bread in paper and sticking it on the hot pipes for five minutes. It's also revealed that you can turn toilet paper into an oven of sorts:
The toilet paper is rolled into a cylinder, folded in at the ends, and lit so it burns from the inside out. That slows it down and intensifies the heat. Inmates hold their undercooked meal above the flame, and voila, you can get it as hot and crispy as you like.

3:03 Scissors whisk
5:29 An insect trap
8:46 How to curl your hair in prison
11:11 Money butterflies
13:01 Cash heart
13:44 50 ways to sit

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