8 Awkward Situations When People Lie

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Bored and don't know what to do? And if you play hide and seek? Not just hide and seek, extreme. If interested, watch our video.
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  • I dont belive the gift giver

    Ruth TesfayeRuth TesfayeGün önce
  • When I envite my friends to my birthday party I tell them to not bring presents because the imported is to have fun with your friends

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  • She ment just believe everything that your friends say

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    Rebecca HamiltonRebecca Hamilton2 gün önce
  • Do not lie

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  • My favourite character is MARTIN

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    • Lies

      •Galaxy• *Panda* -Jay-•Galaxy• *Panda* -Jay-10 saatler önce
  • Everyone in the video did not lie if you no that like if no idk what to do with that but you could tell me in the comments

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  • She said he not she but it was she not he😂

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    • They are troom troom made it for fun

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  • RUDE Birthday parts and birthdays are not only about presents its about the day you were Bron and it's your choice if you want to bring a present or not so stop rude and it's your fault you Invited that person

    Czarina MaritzCzarina Maritz6 gün önce
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8 Awkward Situations When People Lie