A New Dawn: The Restoration of L'Aurora Part 2

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Every now and then a project comes into the studio that is so desperate for intervention that the scope of the work involved seems insurmountable. Yet those are just the types of projects conservators thrive on; the ones that look disastrous, require a phenomenal amount of work and creativity but if treated right and with care and precision will respond beautifully.
Such is the case with this copy of Guido Reni's masterpiece "L'Aurora". Though the artist is unknown it was clearly executed with great skill and for a copy the scale is rather impressive. The same cannot be said about its condition. Having suffered water damage there is a tremendous amount of paint loss and what paint remains is perilously attached to the canvas. Several massive holes, tears, and canvas losses have also threatened the structural integrity of the work. Suffice it to say this will be a magnum opus of conservation.
But that's what we live for.
CHRISTIAN SINDING - RUSTLE OF SPRING Op. 33, No.2 - ANNA SUTYAGINA used with a Creative Commons License: trvision.net/detail/video-Kseq7flaydA.html




  • Your using the chisel wrong

    Jeremiah LearmanJeremiah LearmanSaatler önce
  • Completely speechless.

    Shavahn DeWatersShavahn DeWaters9 saatler önce
  • wonderful work, thank you for what you do for art. Well done.

    The Prisoner Number SixThe Prisoner Number Six12 saatler önce
  • Those toes are so long.

    RustyRusty14 saatler önce
  • Amazing! Such a pleasure to watch.

    Colm WhateveryoulikeColm Whateveryoulike14 saatler önce
  • Actually man I must say, my feet are like that. With the big bump. looks a lot like my foot lol

    SiegmeyerSiegmeyer15 saatler önce
  • i urge you to google adam emory albright and tell me what you think. they look fine!!

    MoniniPaniniMoniniPanini22 saatler önce
  • he,,, is so talented

    catcatGün önce
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    Michael MajerMichael MajerGün önce
  • Professor, I have fallen in love with the divine face you have brought back. What are your emotions as you reveal what has been obscured by time ?

    GiovanniGiovanniGün önce
  • Miracle man

    JP gaziJP gaziGün önce
  • Could you make subtitle on this video?

    Noricska23Noricska23Gün önce
  • I am not a gallery person, who goes to museums etc. but this is fckn amazing. I love the enthusiasm what you have. Respect

    Thomas PekarThomas PekarGün önce
  • Wow. Very great job!

    C. H.C. H.Gün önce
  • What an amazing work of art! It is incredible the amount of work and effort you put into each project. A pleasure to watch!

    mrwcwstarmrwcwstarGün önce
  • how much did you charged the client for this restoration?

    Fingloi Delos reyesFingloi Delos reyesGün önce
  • Incredible, breath taking, stunning restoration.

    Christina TippersChristina TippersGün önce
  • It can't get any more asmr than this.

    Márcio Miguel Pinto JúniorMárcio Miguel Pinto JúniorGün önce
  • You might not be a painter but you are an artist,a fabulous artist!!

    Ana SantosAna SantosGün önce
  • You said you had the original. Why didn't you just lay over a grid and paint the foot correctly to the inch? Or you could project it on the picture to get an outline. I looked at the one on Wikipedia and your foot is very different. Especially the upper curvature. In the original it's a long curve that goes to the start of the big toe, not before it. Yours is curved more and ends before the toe making an even S if you follow it from the start of the foot to the end of the toe. I mean i know it's just to divert the attention from the missing part. But if you already have the original, with a few easy steps you could trace it perfectly very easy. I don't understand why you do this by eye.

    Jx42Jx422 gün önce
    • @Baumgartner Restoration What i meant is you have access to pictures of the original which this is a copy from. It's true that it's not identical. I was only looking at that spot and comparing them. You have put some thought into it. The painter didn't trace it so you also shouldn't. I don't want to be harsh. It looks good and doesn't stand out. I guess you took the other foot of that character as a reference which also has that flat space between the big toe and the curve of the top of the foot.

      Jx42Jx42Gün önce
    • I don’t have the original- it’s a fresco in Italy. This is a copy of that original. I have images of the original but as this is a copy it’s not identical to the original and simply copying the original wouldn’t be appropriate.

      Baumgartner RestorationBaumgartner RestorationGün önce
  • Wow, I didn't realize there were hundreds of butthurt art purists out there. I hope downvoting this video gives them a little of the pleasure in life they are so desperately lacking.

    Scott PetrovitsScott Petrovits2 gün önce
  • I love this painting

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    Rebecca DietzRebecca Dietz2 gün önce
  • Imagine if the artist did a really bad looking foot for the one he retouched

    It'sBeth! !!!It'sBeth! !!!2 gün önce
  • just incredible work. I’m so curious as to how much a restoration like this costs.

    IanmundoIanmundo2 gün önce
  • If woodworking, chemistry, plastering, and custom vacuum bagger making were not enough skills, you have to then PAINT whatever style is needed. Christine Mconnel is jealous.

    CAD ThinkingCAD Thinking3 gün önce
  • Wow this restoration is unbelievable! You really bring the painting back to life and display it’s true beauty! Thank you for this video 💗

    Jas GJas G3 gün önce
  • PlllZZZZ DO A REVIEW AT THE END LIKE THIS AT 32:40 AMS AFTER I LOOVVVEEEEE A CONCLUSION AND UE EXPLAINATION, THOUGHTS, AND GRAPHICS.its wasy to follow and really sime it up nocwly.keep up the amazing work!!!

    Delilah LDelilah L3 gün önce
  • I believe the blue dress woman’s foot had her toes pointed toward the horse, with her heel showing elevated. Perhaps the original artist didn’t want to paint toes either which Guido did do, but the restoration needn’t have added a foot.

    Kyle McDanielKyle McDaniel3 gün önce
  • Bob Ross would watch this channel.

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  • This would be my dream job :,)

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  • A tale of two feet

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  • When you said 'rough' about the feet I'm not sure what they looked like? Were they like Hobbit feet? That would be really funny. :)

    IbnBahtutaIbnBahtuta4 gün önce
  • I personally like it when art is restored to look like it was never damaged. To think people would get mad at you for trying to make all the damage disappear with your amazing matching skills not only confuses me, but also saddens and kinda annoys me. I, as an outsider to this art restoration world, can only assume they are the elitist type of person in the community (every community has some)

    Amanda HallowsAmanda Hallows5 gün önce
  • 6:45 to 7:05 is bullshit, you want mad respect in 200 years from the professional that addresses restoring it in the future!

    TerryTerry5 gün önce
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  • Thank you for the videos! This channel is always an education. Not only did I look up Adam Emory Albright's bad feet, I moved on to his son Ivan's extremely long titles. I am now looking into Magic Realism . I can't imagine how those words go together.

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  • AMAZING...it looks like it did when it was first painted... I hope it lasts another 200 years plus. Wouldn't you LOVE TO KNOW, what he charged for this? I am guessing at least $100,000.00

    Vegas SimsVegas Sims5 gün önce
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A New Dawn: The Restoration of L'Aurora Part 2